All Hail Raja, The New King Of Dasilva Boards Line Up

The cool hippy cats at Dasilva Boards have come out with a noter sick looking board for 2016. Diversifying their line up to include more DH speed and race focused board so you can rule the road and be king of the hill. Check out what they’ve got going on below.


Raja ( राजा ) means king – and this board’s sole purpose is to make you rule the road. W concave that transforms into a deep radial before the truck mounts, combined with our bell bottom flares create majestic pockets for tucking and sliding, and make for amazing board feel, lock and wheel clearance. If you’re looking to rule the races, the Raja is your vessel.


Length: 36″
Width: 9.75″
Wheel Base: 24″ – 26″

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