Mark Short Blasts Cult Wheels In New Alex Ameen Video

British (Cornish) Slide Legend and Cult Wheels Rider Mark Short has a new video feature out thanks to the film and edit of Alex Ameen!


Mark has been know to say he doesn’t want to slide until he starts to feel wobbles. The UK ripper has been pushing technical hard and soft wheel sliding for years, making his way around the world from Brazil to Barcelona to BC and back to his humble shred haven of Cornwall.


This year he’s off on a trek and has made his way to Canada for now to hang out with Coast Longboarding, the homies at Flatspot Longboard Shop (his current home) and is now leading a local weekly slide session.


Aside from being a gnarly slide machine, Mark is also a very talented artist. When he’s not on a board, going fast and getting spin wobbles, he’s usually found huddled with his pencils making some incredible, life-like, photorealistic drawings.

Check out his instagram here:

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