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Recently I got the opportunity to connect with Chris Anders through the homie Alex from G-Form. Alex and G-Form are down with what we’re all doing down hills and stoked to provide some epic protection for those inevitable fails. Chris sent me some video and I was down. Wanting to get to know the dude more than just a Bruce, I hit him up with some questions and we got ourselves and interview for you. Read the interview below and be sure to peep his raw run. You can watch it below or in the link here. Chris hooked up with the crew for a lit raw run and Team Broke Off’s Matthew McKeon kept it close on a dipping and diving winding ass NC road. The homies are there to support and stoke… watch the video so i don’t have to spoil it… like I said, it’s lit! 

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Hey Chris, please tell us a bit about you – full name, age, shoe size, favorite soft drink?

My name is Chris Anders, I am 22, the shoe is a 10, and if you can find it Hawaiian Sun Lilikoi Passion.


Where you from, where you living?

Hard to say where I’m from, I was born in California but I don’t remember it at all. After that I spend my younger years living in North Carolina, Arizona, and Idaho but didn’t start skating until I had moved to Washington state. Currently I am living in D.C. but that wont last much longer. In a couple weeks my girlfriend and I are headed west back to Washington on a seven thousand mile six week long road trip, we will be hitting a bunch of the national parks and sneaking in some runs along the way.

Are you a school boy, a working man or skate bum?

The last two are probably most accurate. Currently I spend my weekday hours in the back of the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum cutting up and analyzing meteorites, but I just can’t stop skating. The only thing that has been able to keep me off the board is a broken fibula that I acquired back in June.

How did you get started going down hills? Popsicle sticks first or straight to moving runs?

It actually happened by accident. An old homie of mine had a Sector 9 Pintail in his trunk and we were standing on top of a hill and I thought I could make it to the bottom. After whipping out immediately I eventually made it to the bottom, no pads, no gloves, no helmet, no respect. Recently I have been practicing hitting the pipes and the bowls but that got put on hold because of my leg. I’m still terrible at not going downhill but it is already just as fun.


Photo Evan Higga

Are you more a one-board-one-task kinda guy or do you have one board to rule them all?

I like to think you can skate just about any board on any hill. Long wheel bases are fun to surf and bombing on TKPs is something special. Currently I’m riding Drang and stoked on the construction and shapes.


Besides a skateboard and helmet, why is G-Form part of your everyday equipment?

Because my knees are already sore and I plan on skating long term. I have walked away from several crashes I would have been completely out for, if I didn’t have their pads on. Escaped with only some small rash and blown out cloths. You will slam skating, I prefer to finish the run after.

When has G-Form saved you most?

I was skating a beautiful piece of pavement in North Carolina and nearly broke myself. I thought I could grip a double chicane and on the last right I lost it into a drainage ditch full of watermelon sized boulders. I kicked one sliding off the road then used my hip to move it 6 feet which pitched me knee first on the rocks and put my elbow down just above them in the dirt. I barley walked away after lying down for a good 20 minutes but if I hadn’t had the pads on I don’t think I would have.


Photo Isaac Cogdill

So skateboard, helmet, G-Form, mandatory. What else can’t you live without most skate trips? Are you a Kendamist?

Fresh fruit for sure. I got addicted to the stuff while living out in Hawaii, all kinds of wild fruit grew at the top, middle, and bottom of all the good runs. Ever sense then I have always had a sack of oranges or bushel of bananas with me on trips. Nothing gives you energy to skate like fruit.

This run was in North Carolina? What were you doing out there?

Yup, right in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains. Taking road trips is the only way I can handle living in such a flat part of the country. North Carolina has the homies, the good camping, and the good hills. Seven hours of driving goes quick when you are headed for the Smokeis.

Who are the homies in North Carolina?

The big dawgs know who they are but just about everyone is down to have a good time in the mountains. Definite shout out though to David, Tyler, and Matt for holding it down 100% of the time.

What kind of runs get you stoked most?

New runs are the best runs but I have a soft spot for the steep and tourney kind. There are a rare few runs that you never really figure out and those are the ones I’m always itching to skate.


Photo Matthew McKeon

Do you enjoy the solo rip or the pack runs most?

There’s nothing better than shredding the mountains with a fat mob of homies, and how else are you going to shuttle runs? I definitely appreciate hiking or hitching solo runs, best sort of therapy I’ve heard of. But homies make the skate trips happen.

Outside NC, where are some of the hot spots for you?

Hawaii and Washington have some of the best mountains I have skated. Washington has a lot of the classics for me and Hawaii taught me how to really bomb hills.


Where have you never been but have put on the bucket list?

Definitely Giants Head for me. This was the fourth year I nearly got to skate it. I have stared at plane tickets, driven past the hill in a thunder storm, and even this year made it as far as registering but I still haven’t skated it. Its either been bad timing, a possible forest fire, or a broken leg but I guess that’s just a hill for another time for me.

Favorite people to skate with that don’t live in NC?

Nick Belcaster and Scott Wilson because they got me into it. There’s also the DHSBHI family for showing me what downhill really was and Byron, always good vibes and gnarly rides.

Top 3 things to smash calories, but keep it cheap, when you’re on a skate trip?

Diced potato and veg hash, a hearty loaf of bread, and eggs.

Photo Matthew McKeon

Photo Matthew McKeon

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us Chris. Anything we missed you want to get out there?

Any time Les. All hail the G Force, for it brings us together.

Shout outs? Sponsors? Haters? Hi Mom’s?!

Shout out to G-Form for keeping me skating after the slams and of course making this come together. Huge shout out to Drang for making boards I can’t break and allowing me to work on a shape of my own, really appreciating the opportunity. Also want to throw one to Tantalus for the solid roots, all the homies I don’t get to skate with anymore, and to titanium for holding me together. Got to love the haters, what else can you do. Hi Mom!

Here’s the video one more time just to be sure you seent it. Or watch again just cause!

Chris Anders

Matt McKeon – Team Broke Off

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