Central Mass 7 Video // Skate[Slate] x Aero Media // Exclusive Release!

The exclusive release of Aero Media’s Central Mass 7: In A Word…

Aero Media’s Wes Eldridge packed his bags and headed to Central Mass 7 for 3 days of fun [and spandex] put on by Emgee Events and Mike Girard. Watch the exclusive release of the video here now and peep some of the Aero Media picks from the event!

Film / Edit: Wes Eldridge – Aero Media
Additional Filming: Nate Blackburn and Matt Frazer

New photos from Aero Media:

Check out more photos from Aero Media:

Peep the Day 1 Coverage

Peep the Day 2 Coverage

Peep the Day 3 Coverage

Thanks for watching!