Root Longboards || “Eseposibele Tour” Part I + II

Earlier this year the crew took a flight to a remote Island to explore some new terrain to skate. The first day we spent traveling over the island and getting a feeling for the roads, landscape and people.


Sebastian Hertler
Sebastian Schneider
Florian Fellner
Andreas Mangold

Camera: Alex Dietrich | Sebastian Hertler
Edit: Alex Dietrich
Music: Jon Wayne – Gold and Silver

The second part of the “Eseposibele Tour” is all about mobbing down the hill, staying as close as possible and enjoying skating together with our friends and guys we met during this trip.

Sebastian Hertler, Sebastian Schneider, Florian Fellner, Andreas Mangold, Ras Sarunas,Kevin Blomqvist, Alex Dehmel, Marcus Costa

Film & Edit: Alexander Dietrich
Music: R.L. Burnside – Let my Baby ride