Welcome to Cult Wheels – Flo Fellner

Florian “Flo” Fellner is all stoked and been killing it for a long time now. Part of the Purple Haste crew, we can’t event tell you the fun they have. A veteran of the road, Flo was just on the Root Longboarding Eseposibele Tour and made his way to sacred Islands after traveling mainland Europe for freerides and races, like the KnK Longboard Camp and the Cult Single Set Survivor event where he placed 2nd, an improvement over the impressive 3rd back in 2015.


2nd from the left, Florian mean muggin.

Well, now it’s official and Florian has a welcome to video with Cult.

Favorite wheel? Flo skates Cult Emperors.


We just happen to be giving some away right now!


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