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Worth The Money: Max Capps’ Favorite Skate Products

Over the years I have become more and more immersed in the skate world. Being involved in the skate industry of course has its perks. You meet interesting people, skate amazing places, and try to figure out how to make it all last forever. Sure you may get free swag from some sponsors and random companies now and then, but that’s not everything. I like to DIY and wrench on gear, but a lot of it came from modifying production gear to get what I needed. Here are a few of the necessities that I think are Worth The Money when skating downhill.

Max Capps and Ernest Worell

Max Capps and Ernest Worell

* Note: These are my opinions and are not those of Skate[Slate] or my sponsors, or Ernest. 

In no particular order:


Ronin Trucks – I actually bought my first set of Ronins, while I was still on Gunmetal. Thats how good I knew they were going to be. Even now that I’m on the team I bought 4 more sets just because I wanted extra stuff and like them that much. Its an investment to my racing, which wouldn’t be the same without Ronin and Fred Baumann. Coupled with the newly dropped Factory Bushings that Ronin has always used, you will definitely get to the next level in feel. With more width and baseplate options than just about any other truck, you are sure to find exactly what you need and you can trust with the unique support pin design they will do their job well.


Sector 9 Javelin – Easily my favorite board in the line; with the new fiberglass layup, refined shape and inexpensive price, this board blows everything out of the water as far as I’m concerned. Stiffness is matched by few, coupled with plenty of wheelbase options, this board can tackle any type of hill, and you could run it over with a car unscathed. I rode Sector boards for years before I was sponsored by anyone, always been my favorite stuff to ride. And of course, when in doubt, chop it out!


Abec 11 WheelsChris Chaput has been making wheels since before you could walk. The first time I rode Big-Zigs it changed the definition of grip for me. Always setting the tone for new wheels and trends, I am extremely happy to be riding for Abec 11 now, especially the new HD Race Wheel series that brought me my best finishes ever this season. Whether it be free ride wheels that die or ones that last, grippy wheels that hook and everything in-between; they have it for a price that won’t cripple your budget.

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photo Max Capps

Needs leathers. Jon Huey Photo

NJK Leathers – I have been going into Kelcey Gordon’s office for more years than I can remember. I have owned 9 suits, bought most of them myself. Literally the best and only option for a custom suit as far as I’m concerned. My very first suit is still being used by a SoCal homie in the hills. Kelcey has never stopped changing and evolving NJK custom suits, bringing in pro riders from all over to help create the best and safest possible race suit available. He also makes top notch skins, which are almost necessary for the best experience inside your suit.

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NJK Gloves – I was also lucky enough to be apart of the creation of NJK Gloves. Kelcey created a glove that breathes super well and lasts a long time without being clunky. With the input from K-Rimes and I, these are hands down, literally, the best gloves on the market. Make sure to swoop a set with your next leather order.


Rogers Brothers Hardware – I change my setups on a regular basis, like daily. The bridge bolts make it easy to switch things up without the need of a screwdriver. They also distribute the load over more area so the hardware doesn’t sink in and pull through. Plus who can deny how flossy they look. Coupled with one of their footstops you are sure to be pleased with them. Keep your eyes peeled for a Max Capps Dagger footstop from them in the future!


Zealous Bearings – I knew the owner when he used to make boards, then trucks, and now bearings. Everything he has ever done is meticulously thought out, he never put out anything that wasn’t perfect. The bearings are easily on that level, with precise measurements and tolerances of the built in spacer, it fits any wheel perfectly and you won’t lose that spacer changing wheels between heats. With a lube specific to Zealous, I have never had a set fail on me ever, all for just 15 bucks too.


Riot Boardsports Products – Riot makes a slew of urethane replacement parts and accessories for just about every truck on the market. With different hardnesses they give you another level of tune ability to your trucks. I use them in all my setups and pay for that stuff without thinking twice.


Deck Spike ScrewsMax Wipperman had it so right when he put screws in his board for more grip. For a couple bucks you can add so much grip to your board, your mind will literally be blown. You could run no grip tape with properly placed screws and not notice a difference in the slightest. [Learn how on to install your own here.]

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Vans – If its not boots or sandals its Vans. The only shoe I wear, especially for skating. The OTW line specifically is NEXT LEVEL in feel and protection for DH, I know tons of guys that rock those shoes and have personally talked to me about how much we love them. After you wear out the sole toss on a Riders Fly footbrake sole and you now have a pair of shoes that will never fail on you. * Definitely shout out to Riders Fly!


North Face Windbreaker – If you have ever seen me anywhere, I’m probably in my breaker. Skating, lurking, out and about, whatever. I never leave the house without it. Any Californian will tell you a breaker is your best friend, throw a sweatshirt on under and you are set for any adventure and temp. I have abused mine in ways I don’t think they ever intended; falling on it skating, playing in fires and chopping countless boards. Still kicking strong, plus they have a warranty on them.


Fanny Pack – Same as the breaker, I always have my fanny. I have been through many, my best workhorse is from Dakine. Useful at events, a great spot to toss your phone, wallet, headphones, dice, glasses and any other supplies. Also the bomb for races when you’re in leathers and you don’t have pockets, I toss mine on so I can lurk in-between runs, always have to throw my sunnies on and grab a insta shot. Recently I purchased a ‘leg bag’, a fanny that attaches to your thigh, with small backpack and fanny options as well, I have high expectations of this new rig.

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Sector 9 BackpackDanny Connor taught me a long time ago to always be prepared for anything the day will hold, riding in the Dagger Van back then you really could have encountered anything. A backpack is a MUST. Fill all the pockets with everything from stickers to candy. Sector 9 offers a range of different packs, I have used and abused all of them with fantastic results. They all feature a laptop slip which I use for all sorts of things along with its designated intentions.


Spy Sunglasses – I have a motto; never leave the house without my sandals, swimmies and sunnies. What would life be without sunglasses? Spy offers inexpensive glasses that have bomb frames and the best lenses around. Im on my 5th pair, in a world full of cheap crappy lens give away glasses, these are my JAM.


Rad Train Hat – Everyone gets helmet hair, the sun shining in their face and the need to look fly. In comes Rad Train with hats of all colors and designs. Jimmy has been through many brands of hats and tried all the fancy designs, if you want something he can do it, and for $20ish bucks its worth supporting a homie.

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Thanks to Adrian Cole for the feature image.

At the end of the day you need to support what works for you and what you believe in. We all pay for things, so don’t waste your money. I recommend checking skater run brands first and supporting DIY and the skate community always.

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