DB Longboards Featuring Spencer Smith // Through The Canopy

Over the past couple months team rider Spencer Smith and media guru Matt McDonald (@equalmotion) have been filming at a local favorite in the Pacific Northwest.


Spencer and Matt really wanted to capture a video that would showcase downhill longboarding and hopefully intrigue new people to get into the sport. When you go out and skate you get outside and there is so much to see. They recruited some additional help from DP Drones for aerial footage and put together this amazing video to show how much fun you can have on a longboard.


We ventured out to one of our local favorites with team rider Spencer Smith on the Keystone Ridge to capture a video showcasing the Keystone and the beauty of the run.

Video by Matt McDonald:

Drone footage by DP Drones

Music: Gold Panda – Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

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