The 2016 Menlo Skate Jam is Back and Better Than Ever

Well what do you know, The Menlo Skate Jam is back thanks to black Diamond Sports and we couldn’t be more stoked to announce a event popping up and sure to pop off in Northern California!

PALO ALTO, CA – Finally! The Menlo Park Skate Jam is BACK! Black Diamond Sports is proud to announce the return of the Skate Jam with the Nor Cal closed-road freeride event for October 1st, 2016. The Skate Jam has been held four times in the past with great fanfare, community support, and stoke from local skaters and pros from around the world.


October 1st, 2016
9am – 5pm

The Menlo Park Skate Jam is a one day event on a closed section of Valpo road that will feature a number of ramps and jumps as well as amature and pro divisions.

Valparaiso Ave, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.45.24 PM

Valpo has been a proving ground for local skaters looking to get top freeride speed with little traffic and an quick walk to the top.

Black Diamond Sports anticipates upwards of 200 skaters from around the world including riders from Loaded, Sector 9, LandYachtz, and more.

Preregistration for the event is available on the BDS website for $50. Day of Registration will also be available for $65 if there are any remaining spots available.

Read what Ari Chamasmany had to say for Skate[Slate] back in 2012: Part 1 // Part 2.

Check out some video from a prior Skate Jam on Valpo to get an idea of what the hill is like.

Custom Landyachtz awards will be given for the Grom and Open division, as well as for the gnarliest spill.

More on Black Diamond Sports here.