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Skate Invasion: Fubu V All Girls Longboard Race Weekend Recap

Fubu aka the “For You Buy Us” all girls skate board weekend in Toronto is an event for all skill types to network, party, skate and enjoy. We’ve been extremely lucky to have been hosting this event for 5 years now and the lady stoke keeps getting stronger and better every year! Toronto Girls Longboarding ramped this event to 3 days of fun!! We started with a Friday session with a car tour of Toronto’s more gnarly spots, a Saturday push along the beach, and a Sunday slalom, downhill and flatland competition.

I get into the Fubu spirit with a couple gender stereotypes myself. I put on my best dress and step out into the world as the mighty Januss. She has become a popular character around the ladies because she’s strong independent woman, who’s friendships and positive attitude create stoke in the community. She’s been accepted for who she is and has one the meanest selfie snapchat game in the biz.



Day 1

We added an extra day to the weekend because over the last 5 years we’ve notice a huge progress in the girls longboarding scene. Hosted by Toronto Girls Longboarding captain Sisi Zhou she organized a bunch of ladies and rides to tour some of Toronto’s more challenging spots. The sun was out and these ladies were willing to sacrifice their bodies to the skate gods!

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Sisi getting down in the Rabbit hole! One of Toronto’s most fun grip paths with some gnarly consequences.

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Morrah Haeny always sending it for the ladies and gents here at in northern Toronto’s “Ratlands”.

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We had a couple of random ladies join up from Hamilton to skate Toronto’s “Poop chute”. These ladies learned to slide that day and sent it hard, sometimes straight into the bushes! They lived to see another day and got rad stories to back it up.

Day 2

Unfortunately being a freelance photographer your job means being booked one year in advance. I wasn’t able to make the push but my good friends Peter Harrington and Tim Borovszky help document the action and followed the ladies on there adventure along Toronto’s harbourfront.

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The ladies meeting up at Longboard Haven to start off the fun! Photograph by Peter Harrington

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Skate Invader Mz Molly always with smile and bag full of stoke. Photograph by Peter Harrington


Life on the beach, the sun was out and so were the giant smiles on every face!! Photograph by Tim Borovszky

Day 3

Race day!! Unfortunately having fun is always going to ruin someones day. This time it was “Mr NO FUN ALLOWED” the security guard at the water treatment plant. Half way through our slalom event the fun police came and shut the fubu race down. Little did they know you could not crush these ladies spirits!! The vibe just go stronger as we headed down to the beach for push race, flatland competition and bbq. The sun was too hot and fun was too large that fun police could never shut fubu down!!!!

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Kebbek skateboards Kalie Racine was bumed we had to cancel the race but still managed to have some fun with cones.

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Toronto’s best female skater Czarlene Efondo Pontejos having fun with her bestie.

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These ladies where all about the sexy?? or almost sexy? Davida Jackson and Gene (thats a girls name right?) Nillas

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The fun police came to break up the party because Januss was looking too dam good. She’s sorry to ruining it for all the ladies but Januss is always way too “Fab- bu-lussssss”.

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Val Kay dancing the night away!

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Improve push race to make up for the downhill race the fun police took away! Never stop having fun!

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Joyce Kwan always ready for the camera! Even behind fubu eyes.

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Angela Teves taking her sweet time shopping with the prizes, looking fab in Januss’s hair.

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The lady stoke was unreal!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support these ladies and help out! Huge thanks to SiSi Zhou for leading the girls all weekend long!! Why should boys have all the fun? Start up an all girls event in your community. Spread that stoke and grow the scene. It’s easy to be a positive influence if you go out skate and have fun. Till next year ladies keep skate invading the planet!

One more time in case you missed it: