Bombin Hills With Ya Boys: Interview with Ian McSherry

Ian McSherry is one of those all around friendly guys. Lots of people can shred a sled, but few people warm you with their presence and leave you with a feeling of good vibes. Hanging out with Ian is kind of like a hug from a good friend and if you play your cards right you might get one. Ian’s been on the scene for some time lurking the coast doing the do. He doesn’t always stand out, he has a humble nature and doesn’t really chase the sponsors, spotlight or a podium. Ian is the core of what we often talk of community. The skater next door you go and session with. Without guys like him, there wouldn’t be the same stoke. So it is with great pleasure I got a quick chance to interview him and share it with you.

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Hey Ian! As this is your first interview with us, please give us your full name, age, hometown, height, weight… and cock size? Lets keep it interesting right away.

Well then, Ian McSherry, 5’11, 170 lb’s, and as far as my cock, all you need to know is although it might not be long, but oh boy is it slender!


Ian McSherry. Photo Alex Ameen

Hey longboard short dick right? Where you living? Is that where you from or transplant? Seems like everyones from somewhere.

I was born in Tampa, Florida believe it or not, but I’ve grown up all over the west coast of the states. And now I’m living in Santa Cruz.

Another Floridian! Wake, Bake, Work, Skate, Sleep, repeat? Slack off and go to school? What’s a day in the life of Ian like? 

You got it pretty good with that first one. I recently got an old ass motorcycle so I’ve been brapping that around a good bit too!

Are you one of those sponsored riders? Who do you ride for?

Yurp I guess you could say I’m one of those sponkored folks, I’m currently riding for Valhalla Skateboards, Arbors Sucrose Initiative, S1 Helmets, and Ojoom Pucks.


Photo Alex Ameen

We hear a lot of jibba jabba about people getting paid and what not. You making any money or getting gear, rides and skating for the fun of it?

Purely skating for fun! Although I’ve gotten paid in the past. It doesn’t feel right skating with the intension of gaining profit. For me I just want to have fun with my pals.

In it for fun sounds like the dream these days. How did you get into going downhill? What was the first whip like?

I’ve been rolling on wood for almost as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t till my first year of high school that I started bombing the hills of the Pacific Palisades with a group of older students. And ever since I’ve been hooked. My first board was an old Joel Tudor sector 9, the one with the rolling tray!


Photo Alex Ameen

Valhalla gets a lot of hate and a lot of love. Seems like it’s one or the other. What’s good and why the haters?

I guess people just really hate us or really love us. Idk I’m just going to keep on skating. And we all know Haters gonna Hate.


Maybe its the aggressive content? We recently dropped your raw run with Alex Ameen. You open with “Okay, don’t hit me. I’m going to be doing standup slides and stuff.” What’s it like filming with Alex?

Hahaha you got me. Alex likes to follow really close so it can be a little bit unnerving but truly I just love giving Alex shit.

Have you ever been hit doing a raw run by the follow car?


What’s your take on follow filming?

I think they’re rad but I do prefer when a video has a verity of shots rather than just all follow footage.

Lots of general rough stories out there, especially on the coast of California it seems, have you been hit riding otherwise?

Nope, fingers crossed.

What’s your worst accident or injury from downhill?

Last year around April I broke my fibula on a Malibu classic. I’d say that’s the worst pain I’ve felt from skateboarding.

Do you always wear a helmet?

100% of the time. When I poop, when I sleep, when I get turnt etc. All the damn time.


Photo Alex Ameen

Well lets knock on some wood and say some prayers and keep you safe brother. Aside from the sponsorship talk and follow runs bs’ing… for the children… there seems to be a lot of chatter about events and racing. Do you go to events?

Not as many as I’d like. I went to Giants head in 2013 and I’m stoked to be going for 2016, but other than that I don’t really have any upcoming major events. Home hills. See what comes up.

Are you more likely to go to a race or freeride?

I’d definitely have to I’m more prone to going to freerides. It’s just less stress. Though I do love a little friendly competition in life.

What do you like about events?


What do you not like about events?

The fact that they end.

What’s an ideal skate session or trip to you?

A day where we hit some sick hills in the morn (Preferably Malibu), then hit a park with every kind of bowl imaginable and then end up getting sloshy on the beach. Sounds good. Real good.


Photo Alex Ameen

Who do you typically skate with?

Sam Hay is my BOY but since i moved to Santa Cruz I’ve been skating a with Peter Eubank and Landin Noland a lot. And of course I’ve got my boys I usually skate the parks with.

3 favorite places to skate?

Malibu, Santa Barbara, And the Santa Cruz Skate parks are my jam! North Carolina really sucks never go there.

What’s was good this summer? Plans for film or trips at all coming up?

I went to Giants Head and we stacked footage on that trip. But other than that I’ve got some family trips planned and I’d love to make it to Colombia to film and stay with Alex and Chela while that’s poppin.


Sonora with Valhalla. Photo Alex Ameen

Dream skatecation, where you going, what are you doing? 

Spain! Last year I was planing on going, I had my plain ticket and everything but a month before I broke my ankle. Barcelona looks like a skatepark not a city!

Everyone loves Spain. Hey, thanks for the interview Ian! Anything else you want to say? Hi mom?

Thank you Les I really had a good time with this interview. And I’d love to say thanks to all my friends and family for support!