Prism Skate Co’s New Jack Boston Video: PILGRIMS

To accompany the release of the new Prism boards, they are also releasing their first Prism video PILGRIMS. This is a mid-length film chronicling the genesis and coming together of the Prism team. Set in the Mecca of downhill skateboarding, PILGRIMS blends a multitude of shooting styles and showcases the production talent of Jack Boston and the skills of our team riders.

Check out the new hard goods here.


“Having guys like Liam and James helping build the vision of this brand is huge. These guys are there at the heart of skateboarding and they keep us honest and true. Adding the other riders and collaborating with creative talents like Jack and Dusty helps us deliver the purest story of skateboarding we can.” – Max Meyers


“Being apart of this project is a huge dream come. Its amazing to have the opportunity to give back to skating, somethings thats given me so much. On top if all of that, I couldn’t be working with better team. Every member of this Prism/Caliber/Blood Orange family is so skilled in our own disciplines, and we all like to party. I feel like we have something special going down here in Santa Cruz, you’ll gotta come check it out.”– James Kelly


“The video piece is at the heart of skateboarding.  It’s the best expression that any of us have found to communicate what skateboarding means to us all which is why it’s such a pillar of our culture. We’re proud to add a piece like this to the canon of skateboard films.” -Max Myers

Check out the new hard goods here.

Six travelers in pursuit of Mecca.

No guiding voice, no hope for direction.

We are Pilgrims and we share the same destination.

Film/Edit: Jack Boston
Additional clips by the team


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