Dylan Hepworth Full Send Raw Run For Venom Skate

Dylan Hepworth has been dropping some hot video lately, but nothing really prepared us for the latest out of Utah on Venom Skate. The Landyachtz Evo has been one of the all-time boards in the history of DH but has typically been a thing of ‘the past’ unless you’re say, King Brian. Strapping some Rogue Trucks and Venom Tweakers to the legendary drop deck and Dylan goes full commit even when he’s switch, trumping the notorious MOBO video from Max Wippermann – ‘Fuck Switch‘. Not a the easiest of accomplishments given the more directionally oriented wedging.

Feature image from Alex Fishburn

Feature image from Alex Fishburn

From Venom Skate:

Dylan Hepworth, straight outta Utah delivering the best stand up footage we’ve ever seen, on a gem deep in the desert on 80a Tweakers and cast Rogue trucks.

Song: Guns ‘n Roses: Welcome to the Jungle