IDF Report: World Cup Headed To South America With Max Ballesteros, Carlos Paixão and Thiago Lessa Leading Points

The IDF race season is coming to it’s final leg and will determine the overall winners. 3 Brazilians, Max Ballesteros, Calos Paixão, and Thiago Gomes Lessa  are at the top and on home turf in Brazil for their chance, Emily Pross took the Ladies overall already and Ed Kiefer has a narrow lead in Juniors.

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* Feature image from IDF – Thiago Gomes Lessa, Max Ballesteros, Carlos Paixão Pics: Harfang & Arne Valen

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Who will win the World Championship? The safe bet is a Brazilian; with only the South American tour left to go all top three spots are held by this year’s Olympic hosts:

1. Max Ballesteros
2. Carlos Paixão
3. Thiago Gomes Lessa


Familiar position, these Brazilians have been at the top all year.


1-2-3 Brazil Maryhill Showdown at the Loops podium.

The stage is set for an epic home-turf battle as the last two World Cup races of the year will be in Brazil, and will almost certainly decide the overall winner. Let’s look a closer look at the numbers.

Although Max Ballesteros is currently in top spot, both Carlos Paixão and Thiago Gomes Lessa have the advantage as they each have only four WCs included in their tally instead of the maximum five. A good result for either of them in either of the last two WCs would be included in their final tally at the expense of one of their WQS results – and that’s a big points difference.

Coloradon Aaron Hampshire is lurking in fifth spot, and he’ll be in Brazil to take a shot at the title. Like Carlos and Thiago he also has only four WCs included in his tally and so has an outside chance to storm home if results fall his way.

In Womens there are only two words to say: Emily Pross. She has been beyond dominant this year, winning all nine races she has entered, and built an unassailable lead in the points race several months ago.


Emily has been a force all year.

In Juniors Ed Kiefer holds a slim lead over Knox Heslop after the two Americans battled each other all year long. If Knox goes to Brazil the title may be his for the taking.

In Masters Australian Ben Hay leads Pete Connoly of the UK, but if Pete attends the South American tour he’ll almost certainly rack up enough points to win…unless Ben Hay also attends and consistently beats him.

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This post was written originally written by Colin Beck and posted to IDF Website. Colin is the Secretary of the International Downhill Federation and a founding member of the Australian Skateboard Racing Association. The International Downhill Federation (IDF) was formed in 2012 recognizing the need for fair, unbiased and democratic organisation of the sport of downhill skateboard and luge racing. The IDF seeks to build an outstanding experience, to develop an enviable safety record for skateboard and luge racing, and to protect the integrity of the sport.