2016 Push in the Woods: October 1-2 in Portland

The 4th annual Push In The Woods event is going down the first weekend of October this year, Octber 1-2 in Portland, Oregon.


The past 3 years its been a one day event on Sunday located in Banks, OR. On that day there is a 5K and 10K race on the Banks/Vernonia Trail. The course is flat but narrow in a beautifully wooded area just 45 minutes West of Portland.

Will Frank

The event has been known to attract some of the best distance skateboard racers from around the country to battle against the locals of the Northwest. Despite this many of the participants are new to skateboard racing, is their first race, and are there to just have fun and cruise the trail permitted for skateboarding that day.


We have so many great prizes donated by the generous sponsors of this event, that everyone gets something cool. Check out this video to get a feel for how the event goes and what the trail looks like.

PDX Super Giant Slalom:

New this year are two additional events happening the day before on Saturday, October 1st. Both of these events are free and not officially sanctioned, otherwise know as outlaw events were everyone is responsible for their own actions. The first race is for riders 18 and older called the PDX SGS (Portland Super Giant Slalom) located at Mt.Tabor on the Eastside of Portland. It’s a single rider timed course down the main run that is closed to cars. The course consists of several cones set close to the edges of the road forcing the rider to cut across the road several times to make the course. To the locals it’s known as the Death Race. Despite its slower speed than bombing the hill, it’s rather difficult and unnerving to make the course, especially if the road is wet. The race is run rain or shine. 3 timed runs for each rider, best time wins! Check out the video below of myself winning the last time the event happened in 2015.

Parkade // Garage Race:

Another event happening at 9pm that same day October 1st is a parking garage session and race. This pre-session has happened in previous years the night before the official Push In The Woods 5K and 10K race on Sunday morning. It is located at a garage in downtown Portland known to the locals as HomeBase. It is a very nice wide open garage that has a medium and consistent grade that is fun for riders of all skill levels. In addition to the regular session will be a Chinese style skateboard race where everyone goes at once. The last 5-10 riders of each run taken will be eliminated until there are 6 riders left. The last 6 will take a final heat run. Here is the Northwest we race a clean style gentlemen’s racing. This means no touching or grabbing other riders to gain speed or make passes. To find the location of the garage, info is posted on the Facebook Event Page for Push In The Woods – https://www.facebook.com/events/161305167622144/

Heres is the signup and registration page to enter Sunday’s 5K and 10K races.

Thank you to all of the many sponsors including Daddies Board Shop who has partnered with Eastside Longboards and the IDSA.org to run and organize this event. We look forward to hosting a fun filled weekend of skateboard racing and good times with the Longboarding community hear and afar! Many thanks for the support of the sponsors who contribute to the continuation and success of this event.