Aera Tucks x SkateOne: K5 and K3 Available For Pre-order Now!

Aera Trucks AGAIN! That’s right, Kevin Reimer has been working his magic and the K5 and K3 are available for pre-order. The K5 is the culmination of three years of research and development at Aera Trucks and SkateOne. It’s all in the details.

Aera Trucks New K5:


K5 will be available in:
30˚, 42˚, 46˚, 50˚
164mm – 168mm – 174mm – 184mm

K5 completes start at $405

Aera Trucks Re-stock K3:


K3 will be available as hangers, or as assembled trucks with our selection of K3 and K4 baseplates. 

K3 available in: 176mm – 180mm – 186mm -196mm
*The K3 are a limited edition run being made at our Canadian manufacturer.

 K3 start at $395

Details on new specs and updates:

1. Completely redesigned pivot and pivot cup – Our new pivot has been made longer and wider which holds the hanger in place for more precise turns, more grip, and durability.

2. New in-house poured silicone infused urethane – The new pivot cup matches the pivot itself at its peak, and the hanger is supported on the at the extended base of the pivot cup as well. This provides more contact with the pivot and hanger for more side to side support and it will act as dampening for up and down movement.

3. New hanger geometry – We have backed off on rake from the K4 to ensure an easier steering geometry that doesn’t over nor understeer and will be more stable at high speeds. The K5 Hanger is taller from bushing seat to pivot for more steering power, and more grip. Our new hanger is also much narrower than the K4, so you can get all the way down to 164mm.

4. More strength – The K5 hanger and baseplate have had small changes made to their shape and design to increase strength and rigidity. The major changes in the hanger are its larger overall triangle size, and being milled from 1″ thick 7075 plate. We’ve been able to make the hanger nearly 30% stiffer without any excess weight added with this change. The baseplates feature tapered walls that add incredible stiffness to the baseplate where you can see stiffness increased be 35%. These small changes make a more durable truck, and one that can hold up to higher cornering speeds without flexing.

5. New manufacturer – Our new manufacturer measures in microns! These will be the most accurately manufactured trucks available.

Make your K5 or K3 pre-order by emailing krimes @ with your desired truck and specifications. We need your pre-order to ensure your set! The K3 will be extremely limited in numbers.