Subsonic Skateboards Factory Vega 36

Subsonic Skateboards is back with another fresh product video, this time the Factory Vega 36. Why the “factory” because Subsonic Skateboards is run by skaters like Bradley Cameron, Ryan Villa [check his latest SKS Raw Run!] and now Sam Galus is on the squad. With all the skate skill and years downhills, combined with Subsonic’s deep manufacturing history, the crew is putting out both a small production line up of boards they love to ride, the Factory models, and full custom boards fit to spec for riders who need that special personal touch. Check out the Vega and support skater owned and skater made when looking for your next whip!

The 2016 Vega has been revamped with a couple of new features from previous models. The shape has been adjusted for more effective foot space. The newest additions are the directional rocker, more forward set to cradle your foot and provide more leverage from the rear. Along with upgrading to CNC, we have large wheel wells and flush mounts, creating a beautiful standard for top mounts alike. The contrasting stain work allows this board to really stand out from the crowd, showing off the hand crafted nature of our work.


Length: 36″
Width: 9 3/4″
Concave: 5/8″ Flat Radial (5/8″ Radial + 2″ flat)
Rocker: 1/2″ forward set
Wheelbase: 25 1/2″, 26″, 26″


More about the Vega 36 | http://bit.ly/FactoryVega36