Bustin Boards Bamboo X Series: Daenseu

Boardwalking, cross-stepping, sidewalk surfing, or dancing—no matter what word is used to describe it, this ampel-platformed longboard is designed to set your feet free and moving to the beat within.

Skateboarding finds it roots in surfing—trimming waves, weighting and de-weighting back and forth, as well as dancing with your feet to better sustain momentum and control—the Daenseu is a tribute to these roots and is built for any skater with a passion to create the natural synergies between fluidity, rhythm, and balance.


The LONG platform (our biggest board to date), combined with an incredibly lively Bamboo X construction, makes skating on the Daenseu the closest you can come to rapture on 4 wheels.

Width: 9.50”
Wheelbase: 30.00” – 32.88”
Concave: 0.38”
Camber: 0.25”


Radial Concave
Top-Mounted Truck Mounting
Cambered Profile
Adjustable Wheelbase Options
Fully Symmetrical
Fully Functional Kicktails
CNC Routed Wheel Wells
Light and Lively Bamboo-X Construction

Check out Bustin Korea rider Juyoung Byun:

More details from Bustin here.