Nwest Media RVOD Throwback: Get Stoked For Maryhill Ratz Fall Freeride!

With the Maryhill Ratz Fall Freeride just hours away at this point, full sold out, I am incredibly stoked and eagerly waiting to see all my friends in one place. Rolling through photos, I picked a few from the RVOD Freeride to help get everyone stoked. If you’re missing it, you blew it!


Maryhill RVOD G-ride, is really a two in one free ride.The RVOD side of the freeride remembers Ryan Vanderveen, an amazing northwest rider and friend that passed before his time. The parallel G-ride focuses on the progression of DH skills for new and upcoming skaters.


Nate haulin. Photo Nwest Media

The Omen Longboards Mobile Ruckus rolled into Maryhill Friday morning with Nate Blackburn to help the hay crew throw some hay, and get the hill ready for the G-ride riders clinic Friday afternoon. After a quick introduction by Joe Lehm, they got straight into the hill with instructors Robin McGuirk, Emma Daigle, Matt Kienzle, and Max Capps. . Even though the conditions weren’t perfect, they toughed out a little rain and had a solid learning experience gearing up for an awesome weekend.


Emma Daigle. Photo Nwest Media


Matt K. Photo Nwest Media


Robin McGuirk. Photo Nwest Media


Max Capps. Photo Nwest Media

Saturday brought a classic Maryhill healthy tailwind that took air breaking out of the question for new riders, but provided a solid boost for the vets and experienced riders.


Can never start too young. Photo Nwest Media


Nora getting in it! Photo Nwest Media

rvod-156 rvod-117 rvod-93 rvod-65

After spending the morning on the side of the hill snapping bangers, I threw on the ole leathers, grabbed the Canon g1x and filmed for the Omen, Free wheel crew and some friends.

Since we waited until most of the riders had gone down, it was great to see the newer riders slowly gain confidence with smiles and stories going all around with anticipation for the next run. Sunday brought a calm days far as wind, and not so calm for some awesome RVOD big pack runs.


Boners. Photo Nwest Media


Pack runs with the camera, always hairy. Photo Nwest Media


Double the fun. Photo Nwest Media


Wackson Jells. Photo Nwest Media


Katrina Vogel getting some. Photo Nwest Media


Watch out now! Simon coming in hot! Photo Nwest Media


I know Eric is giving me eyes. Photo Nwest Media

Saturdays wind seemed to get a lot of nerves out, and the new riders were going hard all day. While on the side of the hill snapping picture I noticed a substantial less amount of foot breaking, and a lot of friends smiling enjoying every bit of each run down mary. Cant wait to see all these rippers back on the hill at the next free ride, going hard as ever, keeping up with the Maryhill usual suspects.

All and all the RVOD/G-ride was a classic Maryhill Freeride with everything you would expect. A weekend full of friends, new and old, smiling, laughing, highfiving while reliving each run, sharring stories in the U-haul, making you realize how ridiculous everyone we hang out with really is.


POV Trike run! Photo Nwest Media


Buttboard and Luge are common place and fun to try! Photo Nwest Media


Gravity Bikes are often some sketch fun. Photo Nwest Media


The Trike really is so much fun. Photo Nwest Media


More wheelie contraptions. Photo Nwest Media


Event the inline fans are into Maryhill. Photo Nwest Media

New riders, and experienced riders alike, getting to interact with the pros they see in videos and magazines, while getting to learn directly from the countless pointers the throw out with out even realizing it, all together makes for an experience you would be hard pressed to find any other place.


Matt K switching it up. Photo Nwest Media


Raggie Rylan English Legend. Photo Nwest Media


Wolf. Photo Nwest Media

Max Capps was out to instruct.

Max Capps all steez. Photo Nwest Media

If your looking for that awesome skating experience on one of the best roads in the world for skating, make your plans now for the next Freeride, in 2017! We will be celebrating the Maryhill Fall Freeride all weekend so stay tuned for some media from the last freeride of the year.


Love and thanks to Deano as always!