Throwback Thursday: Hunting Hills In The North West With OH EF TV

Last year I had a lot more time on my hands to leave Vancouver and took the opportunity to head out to Washington State for a short skate and explore mission with Landyachtz Longboards team rider Laine Jackart. Laine and I are both from Vancouver and naturally as skate communities go, we go way back now. Washington State has a ton of homies, being so close, and is equally riddled with back country exploring to be done if you have the time and mobility to get out there. Local Nate Blackburn would be guiding us. He’s a veteran hill hunter and has been pushing everything from Motion Boardshop to now Omen Longboards while always keeping up content on Oh Ef Tv highlighting the local scene and visitors.


Joining the party would be another local Sam Galus who was riding Omen at the time [now working and skating for Subsonic] and he’d snapped a few of pictures as well. Honestly, we’re not sure whose photo is whose any more, so it’s a mix of shots from Sam and I that we present below. Finally, Cole Kurtz and Morgan Owens were both living and lurking in Seattle at the time. Cole pulled on his big boy pants and escaped adulting and Morgan is always down to skate.

img_0341 img_0347

If you know Laine, you know he hucks. Laine’s the longboarding version of a wrecking ball, graceful and smooth through the air until he hits something and then its destruction. Not long ago on a film trip into the Rockies with Flatspot he smashed himself good and got seriously broke off. Only to be one of the fastest recoveries from an exposed bone I’ve ever seen. He’s an animal. Sometimes we lovingly call him Moose. One thing is for sure, he is always going to give it everything he’s got and it’s always exciting to watch. No matter how well anyone else was skating, Laine just stands out. He is larger than most in stature and thickness [shout out #teamthick], but is also just larger than life in personality and heart. And that’s how he skates.


We departed from Nate’s pad early in the morning making a long drive out to the zone. We were told explicitly not to go there or bring anyone, but that Nate would happily take us whenever we wanted. Loose lips sink ships a d we dont want to blow the spots. Overall, they didn’t disappoint and as promised there were endless options to skate and fun to be had both in a pack and solo runs. We setup for the day and started banging runs, capturing as much video and photo as we could.




The trick with a crew and a short, hit it and quit it mission is to try and get enough diversity of runs and spots to make the content worth while and not just over saturating. No ones wants to see the same spot on 4 channels over 2 weeks. Even the Fish can get a bit repetitive if everyone’s dropping their version off fire every damn day. The rider will have fun, the viewer will move on.




Ultimately, there were some pack runs for film and fun, a number of solo runs, and only a few videos that really made the cut. If four riders are on the same spot, the one throwing down the best run was likely getting the priority. Laine turnt up and you’ve seen the results, a lit run that had Laine and all of us hyped as hell. Morgan did Morgan and put down rad skids and was all smiles. He was more along for the ride. Cole put down solid lines and some steezy moves as alway, he knows how to get it done and ended up with an edit on the Aera Trucks Facebook. and Sam is Sam and oozes talent turning his skids into dusty lines and stoke. It wasn’t his first or last time to some of these hills and he snapped some of these rad pics and helped spot as well. Thanks Sam!









That’s all. It was a good day. Skating was had. We did it safe. Did it right. Ate greasy ass diner food in small out of the way towns and spent entirely too much time sitting in a car to get out there and back. But there was good company for sure, so you can’t really complain. Laine and I headed back to Vancouver, tired and stoked. Nate, Sam, Cole, and Morgan when back to the skate, work and lurk life, and here we are today throwing it back.




Check out Laine’s Skate[Slate].TV x Ohef Tv Raw Run here: