Denver Gravity Games – Breaking All Barriers

Colorado Gravity Racing’s Ryan Starr hit us up with a great report on the Denver Gravity Games. Check out the video and read up on the games!*Thanks to Ryan Starr, as well as Mike Paproski (Papdog), Don Cudney (2old4roadrash), and Shoot Juno for photos and Peter Jones for the feature image.

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While the worlds fastest riders were in Quebec for L’Ultime Descente, athletes of all backgrounds came to Denver to race and raise money at the L’Ultime Technique… I mean, the Denver Gravity Games. This quarter mile course was crammed with seven turns to create the ultimate test of technical racing. While top speeds were novice friendly, only the most skilled riders were able to navigate their way to the podium. No matter your experience level or method of descent you were welcome to come and  test yourself. Thanks to the use of the Global Speed Index app in facilitating a time trial format, everyone took runs when they felt like it and tried new rides in the throughout the day. It was the ultimate blend of racing and freeride!
Even though the event was dominated by longboards and trikes, inline was the fastest of the day. George Merkert, who you may recognize from this year’s Maryhill podium (or as a three time national champion), took home a trio of trophies for his efforts. His times were hotly contested by a duo of gravity bikes. They were the only three riders to complete the course in under one minute.
The true winner of the day was Nerissa Cannon, an adaptive athlete who needed help raising money for costly adaptive sports equipment. Before her disability limited her standing power, she was active in a variety of competitive sports, most notably downhill skiing. After all was said and done, we raised nearly $400 dollars for her. We are proud to say that with the money we raised she will be back on the slopes this season!
While such an innovative race format always presents challenges, we all came together as one downhill community. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Josh of Global Speed Index for flying all the way to Colorado just to help with the timing! Also, a huge thanks to all of our sponsors that helped make the event possible. Landyachtz, Adaptive Skate Kollective, Orangatang, Loaded, Liqwood, Stone Trikes, Bulldog Kustoms, Don’t Trip, Rolling Tree, Moonshine, Seanco, Arctic Boyz, ChadFab, Party Safari, High Fives Foundation, and Crash Pads.
We are pleased to announce that the Denver Gravity Games will be back and better than ever for 2017. Click the event link and mark your Facebook calendars. You won’t want to miss it.
George Merkert
Rachel Bedenbaugh
Daniel Edmonson
George Merkert
Kael Perschbacher

1st- Garrett Weaver
; 2nd- Justin Weaver
1st- Austin Meadors
; 2nd- Russell Brown; 
3rd- Andy Kim/Kyle Peel
1st- Jacob Boyd; 
2nd- Scottie Usher
; 3rd- Ty Dupp
1st- Mike Paproski; 
2nd- Don Cudney; 
3rd- Peter Morin/Daniel Edmonson
1st- George Merkert
; 2nd- Starla Mint
; 3rd- Synergy Racing
1st- Nerissa Cannon