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The 14th Annual Toronto Board meeting is jammed with events. The event really kicks off with the Old School Night Shred where hundreds of riders gather to hit Toronto Parkades, including and infamous Mall Run taking riders into some typically unseated places. Skate Invader and Board Meeting Organizer Jonathan Nuss gets in the mix with his camera for the full raw mall run.

Check out all the photos from the 14th Annual Toronto Board Meeting thanks to Jonathan Nuss here.


WHAT A HYPED CROWD! This night was almost as good as Toronto Board meeting itself. Some say even better!!


Liam Mckenzie and Stoney S Babe feeling the vibes.


Billy Bones but surfing around the falling corpses of the osns crowd.


Sisi Zhou getting lit up in the crowd by Gene Nillas.


Steven Vera styling through the diry car holes


Cam Brick never misses a Toronto Board Meeting and smiles all weekend.


Toronto stoke legend Jeff Hooper always winning the skate face game.


Jinx Moody the secret hero of Toronto Board Meeting weekend.


Miz “send it” Molly is nothing but style in the dirtest of car holes.


Pasty market lurk. We made sure to schedule more stuff for next years snack invasion.


HEY LADIES!! Always proud of the growing female stoke. Record turnout for this years osns.


The police finaly noticed 150 skaters and took away our fun. Lucky for us Toronto Board Meeting was the following day.

Check out Old School Night Shred B-Side Photographs here.

Check out all the photos from the 14th Annual Toronto Board Meeting thanks to Jonathan Nuss here.

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