#TBT AHMYO Wheels #SpanishSurpriseTour

Back in January AHMYO had a little surprise tour to the southern coast of Spain with some of the #AHMYOAlien team. Eduardo Cordero, Tana Rohrer, Mike Molinares, and Monty Ponty​ departed from Madrid in search of sunshine and epic mountain roads. They met up with local shredder and now team rider Victor Reyes​ to skate and get to know a little bit more of his local turf. The weather wasn’t as friendly as they hoped, but they were lucky enough to enjoy a couple of the most beautiful and fun spots around as much as they could. Peep the video from the #SpanishSunrpriseTour and check out the interview and photos below thanks to Eduardo Cordero.

Hey Ed, happy throwback thursday! Where are you and what are you up to most days?

Hey Les, happy day! Im in Mexico City at my parents for the moment. Im still trying to figure out life to be honest. Working for my father’s company to survive the daily needs and working hard with Ahmyo trying to make it a proper functional business.

Ed Cordero coming in hot!

Ed Cordero coming in hot!

Last we met in person you were on a trip to Giants Head with Alex Ameen – thanks for the AMHYO tshirt! Actually my immediate favourite. How was the trip?

Thank you for the support! It definitely helped after all that happened. It was an awesome and hectic adventure. We had too many ups and downs. But we always kept it positive and looking forward to the next surprise. I pinched a disc or something like it in my lower back while we were around SF area and had to tough it out the next days on the road and take it slow to be ready for the Giant. In the end and looking back it was all worth it. We had our share of trouble at the borders and I ended up without an American visa. But hopefully they will sort out their things and allow me back for more skateboarding soon…

You take a fair share of skate trips each year, obviously this Spain trip kicked it off in January. Want to tell me about it? Who were you with, where did you go?

I was lucky enough to have my fair share of em this year. The first one was thanks to a business trip. I had to attend to Italy. I was there for a week and sneaked to Spain for another one. This time a bit of pleasure with the business.


I went to Madrid, met up with Monty, Mike, and Tana, (part of the Spanish AhmyoSquad) and headed off south to Malaga were local ripper Victor Reyes, showed us around. And provided a nice home to crash at his mother’s place, where she rents rooms for skateboarders mainly, I guess. We met the locals, Lloyd and Adan, and headed to the epic mountain roads of the southern coast. We mainly drove around the Malaga area but ended up in Granada and other little towns around the area. The weather wasn’t so nice to us so we had to move around a little. All part of the game.

Monty gettin handy.

Monty gettin handy.

Tana getting some on Merkabas

Tana getting some on Merkabas


Victor Reyes locally ripping.

Why Spain?

Spain is where I really learned to skate fast. I lived in Madrid for some time and have lots of skate fam over there and of course our Ahmyo Spanish squad to visit and skate those magnificent mountain roads with. It was a long overdue trip.

Here’s a total cracker question, does Spanish from Mexico work for Spanish in Spain? Are there a lot of differences? I mean, you definitely don’t sound like some of the homes from Barcelona.

Spanish is a different world in each place it is spoken. But you can be very well understood. As long as you keep it clean with little slang of course. But either way with time you’ll understand those weird words.

Monty thumbs up... Same meaning in every language!

Monty thumbs up… Same meaning in every language!

6. There’s some huge food differences between Spain and Mexico. What were your 3 favourite things to eat in Spain vs 3 favourite to eat back home?

This is a hard one… I really enjoyed the Spanish cuisine this time. We were in the southern part. Malaga, Granada, etc. And the food was delicious.
1- Migas con Pimientos at the top of a majestic and incredibly long run.
2- The classic tortilla con patatas at the local bar before the skate session.
3- And a good memory was the Espetos (grilled squired sardines) The last night of the trip at a restaurant by the beach,

The 3 favourite Mexican foods would have to be:
1- Tacos al pastor,
2- Anything with Mole,
3- And lately, the blue corn tacos at the local DH spot near Mexico city we’ve been skating almost every weekend. (Treee Skateboarding is having a freeride there in Oct btw. Come skate & eat!)

Food and language might have some difference, but seems skateboarding always brings people together! Where are some of the best spots you’ve traveled to skate?

So True! This year was really filled with lots of em. The southern coast of Spain is incredible and 5 days wasn’t enough… Medellin is one hell of a place, to skate, live and experience. And of course I was fortunate enough to go back to Canada for the first time to skateboard and not enjoy the snow. Vancouver and the whole BC area are too good not to go back. And looking forward to new places to visit. South America probably first.

Sunset sessions make the world go round.

Sunset sessions make the world go round.

What’s the situation for DH looking like in Mexico? Events still poppin off? Community still doing okay?

I actually feel it is slowly growing and growing. We have been seeing a lot more involvement from the community itself. More crews and new shops making events and everywhere from Monterrey, to Mexico City, Campeche, and of course Guadalajara.

Mexico is a huge country with lots of potential for Downhill. And you can definitely see the kids getting better and faster. Shops like Treee, MLS and Crews like NN4L or the Longboard Living guys in Cancun are what keeps the “longboarding” Scene stoked around the country. They create events, sessions, and a community itself. I would like to see more international visitors coming down here to explore and see for themselves.


 I’ve visited Mexico a few times and always had a great time because I was with local homies. What’s the law really like in Mexico? Is is legal to skate? Have you had problems?

I have never really had a big issue with a cop because of downhill skateboarding in Mexico. They usually either don’t care, or don’t think it’s as bad to stop us. I guess it depends where you skate as well. Sometimes the suburbs can get picky and they’ll call the cops on you. But we usually try to skate roads with low traffic to avoid that as well.
Police down here works very differently than in many other countries.

Did you get in any trouble with the law in Spain?

I only did once, but not for skateboarding and not this time, even though we had a close encounter with the Granada Police on our last run of the trip.

Bombing your local hills & outrunning your local cops right?!

Ed and Monty rally the hairpin, no cops in sight.

Ed and Monty rally the hairpin, no cops in sight.

Ha Ha, hell ya! What do you recommend for visitors coming to Mexico who want to find locals to skate with and have the best time? Any events they need to watch for coming up?

Yesss! One of the best looking events is coming up. An awesome 3 day freeride by Treee skateboarding. They have been doing events for years and this year they are working on a great event at an even greater road. It’s about an hour and a half from The city in a Magical Town called Malinalco. It’s going to be the 21, 22 & 23rd of October.

I would definitely suggest people to come skate the event or whenever possible. Mexico has a lot to offer, from incredibly cheap currency now, to awesome food, roads, people, sceneries, and lots and lots of different places with too much to see and experience. The skate scene is dope and we got some heavy roads to survive.

I’ve been all the pinch way through Mexico and can definitely agree. Now that you’re home in Mexico and not on the road, what’s your day to day life like?

I get up, medicate, shower, feed and chill with Karma (my dog daughter) for a bit. And head to the real life job office. I handle webstore orders for an Italian hosiery company and all the Ahmyo stuff around it. It’s a good job cause I have some freedom depending on the amount of work. So I can always sneak in a skate session or plan a trip. When I get off work I go back home and skate with Karma or visit the local miniramp. I’ve been also trying to swim constantly to work on my back pain.

But as a good and orthodox skater I try to hit my local mass every weekend. Once or twice if possible.

Paying penitence and pushing some proto's toe side

Paying penitence and pushing some proto’s toe side

Working on AHMYO also means skateboarding of course. You’ve been prototyping a new wheel. What can you tell us about it?

Yes that’s my favorite part about it. We have been trying lots of shapes and formulas from different manufacturers since last year. This year we really focused on finding more of a freeride wheel that would suit us. Which our lineup was also begging for. After a long time of testing and figuring out what would work best for us now. We have 2 new shapes we are working on as well as improving the current ones.


One of them is our recently released limited run of #AhmyoProtos. This is a shape that lots of our riders have been asking for. We decided to make a limited run to see how the community would receive it. And if they would like to try it. We were so stoked to listen to all the positive feedback. And looking forward to making a proper batch of the perfect shape for us.

The second shape is a smaller option for those freestyler and freerider needs. We still have some waiting to do but it’s going to be a fun treat for those needed skids.

Ed testing some hard wheel pro to skids in Spain.

Ed testing some hard wheel pro to skids in Spain.

We’re about to give a set away, but you’re making it available to the public to buy too right? Any left?

Yeah! We made a very limited batch due to our possibilities. It’s first come – first served so don’t wait too long to get a set or you’ll have to wait longer. Visit www.ahmyowheels.com.

Victor Reyes is down with the protohype.

Victor Reyes is down with the protohype.

And where can people get the tshirt you gave me? It’s pretty sick.

We are running low on our web stock but I promise we will make more soon! Visit www.ahmyowheels.com for the love though, still some to available.

Just look at that Tshirt steeze!

Just look at that Tshirt steeze!

Thanks Ed! Stoked to have AHMYO join Skate[Slate] and I know we have some rad content coming with Robert Burns quick here too for everyone to look out for. Any last words? Shout outs?

Yesss! Thank You! We are very happy and stoked to start this relationship and looking forward to the future. Rob was out in California for quite some time with his buddy James. Our great friend Alberto Perropro was kind enough to help us film some runs of his down the classics. Be sure to check that out next week.

Shout out to you for all the love. The homies and family that keeps supporting us by shredding our wheels and rocking our tshirts. And to all who have trusted us in this adventure.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

And of course a shout out to the T.I.A. locals (Victor, Lloyd, Adan, Ender, Carlos, etc.) that showed us around during our trip. It wouldn’t have been the same without them. Thanks everyone for reading and watching!

Watch the raw run from Spain coming up in a few hours on Skate[Slate].Tv.