Bustin Out To GH Tour: “Skate Everything Project” (Event Recap)

Bustin Boards’ Skate Everything Project is all about mixing it up and having fun. This summer’s Bustin Out To Giant’s Head Tour included three skate everything events. The first being a mini board race and slide jam at Switchbacks in Portland, Oregon. Next up was a 2×4 Chinese downhill race at Maryhill. And lastly, we did a launch ramp lake jam on Lake Okanagan during the Giant’s Head Freeride in Canada.


The Bustin Team included: Carla G. Javier-BreaWilliam RoyceMax BalesterosClark PatrickJuan Pablo VillegasKhaleeq AlfredMarcus BandyColbee the Cattle Dog, and they also met up with other homies like Cody Lux, Kurt Hurley and more.

Their goal for this tour was to help grow the skate community via sessions, events, and fun. Stay tuned to all our social media platforms for more details to come – and especially @BustinBoards and the #SkateEverythingProject.

Film: Marcus Bandy, Clark Patrick, William Royce, Billy Bones, Kurt Hurley and probably more. . .

Edit: David Ruano

Music: “Baladora” & “Men Don’t Cry” by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands

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