James Kelly Announces New California Outlaw Series 2K17

Outlaw racing has been the back bone of downhill racing globally. Got a friend and want to see whose faster, that basically an outlaw right there. California is a particularly unique conundrum where downhill racing happens all the time, but it doesn’t really have an organizing core community in the same vibe as say Coast Longboarding, NCDH, No Bull, SL’UT etc. While there are a ton of skaters in California and visitors all the time, it seems there’s been an itch and James Kelly and friends will be working to scratch it.

Coming up for the end of 2016 and beyond, the announced California Outlaw Series 2k17 already has a hot of dates posted to it and will surely have more added. Peep the Facebook page if you’re in California or planning to visit and find out how you can get involved in some classic outlaw racing in the Golden State.

From James Kelly’s Facebook:

Dedicated to the growth and maintenance of the California Downhill Skateboarding Community through solitary, and collective event organization. If you’re interested in hosting an event and need some support hit us up!


Our goal is to host a race series bringing all of the downhill skaters outta the woodwork. California has a lot of events, but we’re not unified. Each of the California Outlaw events is hosted by its own race organizer. This makes it easy for us to bring all the community leader together and cover the entire state with a fun series! 



#1. Autobahn Outlaw – Oct 19 – Brendan Reid-Naughton
#2 Livermore outlaw – Nov 27 – James Kelly
#3 Barrett Junction – Jan 14th – Jimmy Riha
#4 Backersfield – Feb 26 – Daniel Engel
#5 Dump – April 9th – TBA
#6 Spliff and Wession – May 20th – Morgan Owens
#7 Max’s Birthday race – Sep 10 – Max Dubler
#8 Final/award/party – sep 24 – James Kelly/Levi Green

We’ve banned together and created a uniform racing platform. Skaters are going to be earning points from every Cali Outlaw race they attend. Your best 5 events of 8 get counted towards your finial points. Prize money will be collected form each entry fee to cover prize money for that event, as well as money saved up for our series champion. In 2008 we managed to get over 1500 for California’s champion… wonder what we’ll reach in 2017.

If you’re a skater in California come out and skate! First event Oct. 29th – Autobahn! Details here.

More details on the Otlaw Series on their Facebook here.