Omen Longboards: Grim Board Overview

The Omen Longboards Grim is designed as a Downhill Enthusiasts dream board. Created with a Face First approach to skating, the Grim gives the user uncompromising traction, and precise control during any situation.

Featuring an 1/8 inch of Tri-Plane Accelerated Rocker, and .6″ of Concave across the 9.675 inch wide deck, this board will keep your feet stationary during dropping hairpins, and chunder caked sweepers with ease. The small amount of rocker is focused where your feet go, and doesn’t compromise the leverage desired by any topmount enthusiast.


Rain Daley raw on the Grim:

The classic Swallow Tail shape is matched perfectly with the standing platform to provide a Sleek Shape with maximum effective foot space, and the large Bulls-eye Wheel-wells are going to keep even the meatiest of race wheels rub free during deep turns.


Constructed with Tsunami Tech to keep the deck very stiff in all directions while keeping weight to a minimum. Tsunami Tech also replaces the glue in a skateboard with Epoxy making the board stronger and less likely to delam than wood and glue counter-parts.


Length: 36″
Width: 9.675″
Wheelbase: 24-26.5″
Concave: Progressive Radial + Wheel Flares + Rear “W”
1/8″ Tri-Plane MicroDrop


Morgan Owens dropping Diamond on the Grim:

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