Worth The Money: Malachi Greene’s Favorite Skate Products

I’ve been skating since I was pretty young. DH since I was 14. Sponsored since I was 16, and Im 21 now. I grew up poor though, and all the product I’ve got for the most part were hand me down, ovalled wheels, bent trucks, random boards, and even friends old shoes. So what I spend my money on now it’s all things that I really want, and would work my ass off to get growing up most the time. I tend to buy things that will last me and won’t regret buying. A dollar is a vote. I won’t ride for a company that I don’t like their product or their people either. Right now I back Randal, Divine, Dusters, Yeehaw gear, and S1 heavily. When it comes to Street Skating it’s Spitfires, Independent trucks, and whatever deck I want to ride at the time. Here’s what I find worth the money for downhill skating and my general lifestyle:

Dickies Pants are a must have whether you are going for the traditional look with the khakis and crease, or going out on a skate mission the Original work Pant, and the canvas construction pants are a must have. The OG Fit with the crease is good for skating, looking nice, work, turning into shorts, staying real. They’re cheap too like 25 dollars tops to look fresh and, or hesh. The Construction Pants with the extra Pockets are good to keep stickers, and Streakers in so you can catch a quick tag while you’re going around town.

Band life…

Skate life…

Converse are the best for board feel in my opinion, and personally I think for downhill. Whenever I fall in other shoes and go to my hands and toes to slide it out I blow out my shoes instantly. With converse hard toe I can do that all day and not Blow out the Shoe and live to go another day. I wear both the high tops, and lows depending on the day. Fresh ones are good for going out too. I’ll wear those with Dickies to a job Interview, Skating, Painting, pretty much anything Converse are the way to go.


Simple Top Mounts
Since I’ve started Skating Downhill the best skating I’ve done is on a simple top mount. I never wanted the crazy stuff because I’m weirdo, and have some ocd snobby complex about how I want my board to be set up as simply as possible. I’m currently sponsored by Dusters California boards, and they make a few really good models for a reasonable price. Dusters parent company Dwindle makes some of the best street decks out there and the quality is really impressive, especially for what they’re charging. At the end of the day, I don’t mind walking in the local shop and paying for a simple DH deck that’ll last me awhile if I have to and I have and still do. Buying skateboards is part of skateboarding.


Chrome Bags can carry your camera, laptop, school supplies, Markers, Skate Tools, Spare Wheels, Slide Gloves, Windbreaker, Ski Mask, and everything, or anything else you need comfortably. I’ve had one for over a year and it hasn’t let me down. Its totally water resistant, and durable. Lifetime Guaranteed too. Its worth the extra money because it’ll last forever.


Dollar Spray Cans / Streakers
Ok, so graffiti is bad and you shouldn’t listen to me blah blah blah… the world is a funny fickle place, throw you’re mark up. It’s worth the money to grab a dollar black spray can, or a streake, because lets be real, it’s not only kinda fun to catch a quick tag, but you gotta rep your skate crew, your band, a sponsors name, MIDS it up, or something even more creative if you have the fart-abilities. This world is fucking ugly and cookie cutter, add some flare to it. Better to pay for the cheap stuff too because if you get caught shoplifting, you won’t get a chance to get caught tagging. To each their own I guess.


I don’t care how tough you are, a helmet is important and should be worn. Too many skaters have died. S1 flows me product, and I’ve taken some really hard slams wearing Their half shell called the lifer. It saved me from being more brain dead than I am now. I like what they’re doing and how they support the scene so I would buy their helmets if I didn’t get them flowed to me. The reason Im plugging them is because I can personally say their helmets have saved my life. For a Full face MIDSLID! Skater made and owned, enough said.

Local Music and Band Merch
Buy Local band Merch or Touring bands in your town for the genre you like. If you don’t they won’t be able to keep touring and put out good music. So pay the 10 dollars for the T Shirt, and Throw A few bucks their way for their bandcamp releases. That way it keeps them going to bring you good music. Also it encourages them to keep going. Rep the merch at events spread the word and keep music, and skating together. Especially punk. GO SKATE ALL DAY THEN GO TO THE SHOW ALL NIGHT!


I ride for Randal now, but those were actually the only trucks I’ve ever paid for in  downhill. They are the original, and are the most fun to me. Simple, made in the U.S., and cast, which is truly my preference. I think every skater should experience bombing a hill on the Original 35s at least once, so they know the roots. The new R3s are my favorite, and if I didn’t ride for Randal now I would buy them just to have a set to rip. Not only are they fun to downhill on, they don’t require any up keep and have a lifetime guarantee on the R3s, so if you break them you get new ones. Ride them till they break. Easy.


You can buy almost all of this from a local shop. Shops are where we would all go to hang out, and then go skate. Watch the latest video, see the new product, and new ads. Then after that we would get hyped and go skate. Keep Skate shops alive, and as part of the skate community! Go their even to just hangout and hear stories. I’m usually at the Santa Cruz Boardroom where there’s a crazy selection and a museum that houses an extensive collection of rare skateboards and art.


That’s it from me. Check out what’s good on my instagram and if you’ve got the time.

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We all pay for things, so don’t waste your money. I recommend buying local, checking skater run brands first and supporting DIY and the skate community always. For more Worth The Money articles hit the link here.