Amanda Powell Featured in Red Eye Media Short Film, Bottle The Town

Amanda Powell has been keeping it real on the adventure life for a long time now, years ago shedding her direct core sponsors in favour of doing things her way. From Van life, to surfing, to school and continued relationships with skateboarding in various ways Maybe you missed the Red Hot Chilli Peppers appearance, well she is now poised to be in a new Longboard Girls Crew x Spike Tv series as well. Amanda is as she has been, killing it.

Watch the video to get a feel for whats good with Amanda.


From Red Eye Media:

Stoked to share our latest project: A collaboration with Amanda Powell, talented Levitate Surfer and Skater. Since she spends most of her days shredding and studying in California, we put our heads together to create a fun video showcasing the beautiful place she calls home, and the rad community there: Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA.


From Amanda Powell:

Words can’t describe how much I love where I come from – but this video pretty much nails it! I am forever indebted to the community, atmosphere, and friends in my hometown for shaping me into who I am today. Red Eye Media captured it all in such a beautiful light, with an original track by Red Evans Band. So very thankful to everyone who contributed in bringing this video to life, especially my girl Katlyn Evans, the creative mastermind and talented ladyboss behind this project!


The song “Bottle The Town”, scored for the film by Red Evans Band & Joe Kaszuba is available for download here:

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Check out the Longboard Girls Crew x Spike Tv with Amanda Powell here: