Final Event of the IDF World Cup Series: 7 Curves 2016 Presented by Kebbek Skateboards

7 Curves Speed Festival in Brazil is the final event of the IDF world Cup circuit and will be presented by Kebbek Skateboards. With a heated points race the finish in the Opens it’s going to be an important last race to pay attention to and might have a Brazilian taking home the World Champion on home turf October 14-16, 2016.


Racers to follow are, Max Ballesteros, Thiago Gomes Lessa and Carlos Paixão for sure. All three are Brazilian and all three are on home turf for the final race to decide the winner. It’s going to be epic racing for sure! Emily Pross has the 1st place podium spot for the Women’s category locked down. After winning all 9 IDF events she entered this season, she can casually stroll onto the podium to take her trophy. #emilyboss. There is a tight battle in juniors happening between the 2 Americans, Ed Kiefer and Knox Heslop. Ed has inched himself into first, but we will see what Brazil holds as things can change quickly. In luge, The Malaysian Abdil Mahdzan is in 1st, but world speed record holder, Kolby Parks from Canada is right behind him.


Presented by Kebbek Skateboards:
The 7 Curves will be three days of great celebration, gathering of friends and a lot of skateboarding.


The 7 Curves offers free accommodation with 3 bathrooms. It is in a gym close to the slope, with a bar and pool.
*Bring your tent and your mattress.

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