The Making of a Longboard | Birthing Ritual of the Loaded Icarus

The Hubble telescope has discovered music coming from beneath the frozen seas of Europa. Elon Musk is sending electric cars to Mars. And a skateboard factory was discovered on Pluto.


We’ve transported the Capital L factory back to its origins in San Diego to film this serious account of the making of the Icarus carving longboard. How do we make it? Whom do we make it for? Why do we make it? None of these questions are answered by our very own David Rak-enborough in this riveting take on a piece of bamboo.

Come with us as we explore the supernatural realm in which all beings are equal, where unicorns have two horns, and where biscuits meet gravy.  Feast your eyes and behold the birthing ritual of the Loaded Icarus.



The Icarus is a milestone in Loaded’s exploration of the soulful carving experience. Learn more:…

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