Throwback Thursday: Catching Up with Kebbek’s Skate Nomad Emma Daigle

Back in 2012, I was in Montreal for one of my first slide jams outside of Toronto. There, I met a troupe of ladies all riding boards by a local company called Kebbek Skateboards. One of these ladies was Emma Daigle – and she shredded hard!


Emma. Photo Matt K.

Since that event, Emma has continued to shred hard across the world. These days, she is one of my favorite skate nomads. With an easy-going spirit, loving nature, and constant curiosity, Emma embodies what I hope we all get to experience – freedom, joy and passion for life. Fast forward to Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 29 earlier this year and we had the opportunity to feature Emma in Finish Line and highlight her new Pro board with Kebbek Skateboards. So, without further ado, I’m stoked to release a quick Catch Up interview with Emma and Throwback Thursday with this incredible lady boss.

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How’s it going Emma !? Where are you living ? What have you been up to ?

Things have been great. Full swing this summer… as always! I had a great time in Europe. Went to a couple events with the Whiteliner (Erik Lundberg‘s van): Norway, Austria and Slovenia. Had a month of early pass skating and camping.


Emma helping out at the RVOD Freeride. Photo Nwest Media

As for right now, Still not living any where… we were recently in the Adirondacks in New York camping in our truck [with Matt K]. Waiting to see which way the wind will blow us next.

Oh and I am now riding for Sick Boardshop in Europe! Stoked to work with them and my other sponsors Kebbek, Paris, and Blood Orange.

Congrats on the shop sponsorship! Can you tell me, what’s the story and connection with Kebbek? It seems like you’ve been with them a long time now.

Well, my first downhill skateboard was a Kebbek. I know, pretty standard for some one living in Quebec. The first time I met Ian Comishin was skating the Devil’s toy (one of our haggard classic’s in Montreal). I was still getting used to a longboard and had a serious lack of fear. I guess Ian appreciated my nonchalent way of skating through the cracked asphalt. Ian has grown into a good friend and has always been the realest in the game.

This year I dare say I spent more time sleeping outside than in an actual house, and I’m ok with that!

Seems you are doing well with keeping things real and with friends. I think it’s awesome how you and Matt have gone No Fixed Address! Speaking of Matt, it makes me think of barefoot bombing of course. You and Matt recently released a downhill video where you skate barefoot. What’s the appeal to skating barefoot?

Changing the way you skate. Changing the way a run feels. Changing the way you feel your board under your feet. It’s awakening and it’s always done out of curiosity.

You also do tons of yoga as I understand it?

Most definitely, skating is lopsided and repetitive for the body. Yoga to me is my balance and what levels me out. It keeps my body/back feeling yummy. I fractured my spine a while ago and yoga is what keeps injuries and pain afar.

Planted on higher ground. @musclerichapparel A photo posted by E M M A ❂ D A I G L E (@outsideone) on

Balance is important, to everything not just skateboarding. How does all the traveling fit that balance?

Travelling adds some flavor to skating. Being able to skate contrasting terrain, with various skaters who have different styles is definitely inspiring.


Photo Matt K.

What are some of your plans moving into the future? Keep up the NFA flowing with it lifestyle?

Believe it or not, maybe having a home base. A place to recollect between trips, have an art studio. I’ve gathered loads of inspiration from my travels I want to unravel.

You’ve definitely been in the longboard scene longer than most and have held it down for the ladies in your own special way. Where do you hope to see female longboarding go?

Just as far as the male longboarding will. I don’t see the difference.


Photo Matt K.

Short and to the point. I would agree. Let’s keep that going, how about a Lightning Round!

Favorite color:


Favorite food: 

Bananas and chocolate. Combo breaker, both at the same time.

Favorite place: 

My family’s log cabin by the lake up north of Montreal.

Go to set-up: 

Kebbek Switchback, Paris Savants, Blood Orange bushings and wheels.

Favorite skater across genre and time:

The Gonz

Gonz! Cool. I was planning to add your Finish Line Q&A to this below as well. Any last words? Thanks? Shoutouts?

Don’t wait til tomorrow to do what you can do today. Annnd shout out to my sponsors who keep me rolling the globe : Kebbek Skateboards, Blood Orange, Paris trucks and Sick Boardshop.

Thanks Emma. I appreciate you hunting some Wifi and doing this with me. Happy Thursday.

Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 29 Finish Line:


Age: 26

Born: Maniwaki, Quebec

Hometown: On the road

Stance: Goofy

First skateboard: Kebbek Comishin

Sponsors: Kebbek Skateboards, Blood Orange Wheels, Paris Trucks

Favorite person to skate with: Bobby K

Inspiration in skateboarding: Mark Gonzales for his uniqueness

Favorite hill: Tuna

Favorite event: Lillehammer, Norway

Worst injury: Fracturing my back

Meat or veggies: Greens

Pants or shorts: Shorts

Favorite drink: Kombucha

Biggest passion: Creating

Pet Peeves: Being in a hurry, people continuously on their phones

Article of clothing you can’t live without: Hoodie

Funniest person you know: Valeria Kechichian

Follow Emma on Instagram here.

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