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In Canada today, it’s not only Thanksgiving [yes, it’s in October], but the 10th anniversary of Push For The Cure. Back in 2006, Benjamin Jordan, Rob Lewis, Aaron Jackson, and Carlos Koppen set off on a cross-Canada longboard push to benefit and raise funds for breast cancer research. Going from the east coast of Canada, and ending thousands of kilometers later at Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, these skaters started a tradition of making a difference with your skateboard. Since then Push for the Cure has worked closely with communities across North America to skate, raise awareness and fundraise with the ultimate goal of bringing an end to a disease that has affected, or will affect, every so many around the world.

Benjamin Jordan, Rob Lewis, Aaron Jackson, and Carlos Koppen.

Benjamin Jordan, Rob Lewis, Aaron Jackson, and Carlos Koppen.

10 years later and the Vancouver Community, has continued to push the message. In its original year, the local Vancouver community came together to meet the four determined riders and joined them for the last effort into the city. Hundreds of skater assembled 150km outside of Vancouver in Hope, BC to join them, making for a powerful end to the journey.

Photos thanks to Bricin Striker Lyons and the Cariboo Strikers Tales 10 on Push for the Cure. Read it here.


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So many skaters come together each year, to continuing the tradition of pushing from Hope to Vancouver, to raise money and Push for the Cure to breast cancer. Lori Dixon, Bricin ‘Striker’ Lyons of Coast Longboarding, Stuart Pettie of Landyachtz, Doug House of Medtech EMS, help spearhead the effort and enable and so many others to push, camp and spread the message.


Bricin in the middle with Benjamin Jordan, Rob Lewis, Aaron Jackson, and Carlos Koppen.

Read Bricin Striker Lyons Push For the Cure Tales here.

Watch Bricin’s Live Facebook videos here.


From Push For the Cure:


Our organization started in 2006 with 4 young men that traveled from Halifax Nova Scotia to Vancouver BC raising money and awareness as they went. They were joined by many others along the way and by the time they got to Hope BC they were 45 strong and the group finished the trip together. Since then, they have carried on the annual Push for the Cure finale from Hope to Vancouver. This year being our 11th year, we are expecting 100 riders to join in this event.


For more information please contact Lori Dixon.

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