Carlos Paixão Wins Mega Space and the IDF World Cup Championship

Carlos Paixão Won the IDF Mega Grand Prix this past weekend in Brazil and unknowingly (maybe knowingly) clinches his place as IDF World Champion 2016. His victory puts him in front and far enough away from Max Ballesteros and Thiago Lessa that even if one of them were to win 7 Curves Presented by Kebbek they would not gain enough points to top him. [Read the IDF points series report leading up to the event.]

One more time @cacpaixao is the champion in Mega Space //// Mais um vez Guto levou o caneco em MG @aeratrucks @rischdesign

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** Feature image from IDF website and Luciano Lima Jr. @lucianoxlima

Carlos hit the season hard and came prepared. Starting his season late, he won the first 3 races he attended – a perfect showing. The next two races Carlos made it to the finals, followed that with a top 8 finish, a crash in Germany and a podium at Kozakov. Qualifying extremely well at every race, Carlos was the man to beat at the track and he proved it. His consistency and effort to be the best is what makes him well deserving of IDF Champion for the 2nd time in a row.


Top 3 and likely in this position from right to left, Carlos, Max, Thiago.

Max and Thiago went to almost every single race of the season and both made it to the finals many times but their finishes are just short of being able to catch Carlos even with one more race left. Previous points leader, Max Ballesteros, currently sits in Third in points and needs to get 2nd at 7 Curves to move into Second place in the points race. But, if Thiago finishes in 5th or better at the race, Max has to both win the event and hope Thiago does worse than a 2nd place finish to hold that spot… because maths. Aaron Hampshire has had a hell of year and is in Four place overall in WC points. If A$wag does better than 5th place and keeps a 5-6 position gap between him and Max Ballesteros he can slide in to 3rd place. Max is guaranteed 3rd if he makes it to the finals.

Max needs to win & Curves to hold 2nd place in WC points series.

Max needs to win & Curves to hold 2nd place in WC points series.

With an exciting season and Brazil domination its no surprise that once again Mega is the deciding race of the points chase as it has been in years past. 7 Curves is sure to be interesting as no one has anything to lose, the last race of the season and there is no pressure to finish well other then beating your friends and getting carried to the podium one last time before you have to do it all over again next year.


In my opinion this season has been one of the most interesting as racing has been pushed the hardest it ever has been in ways unlike before. The amount of real training the top skaters do is greater than ever, they are living healthier more active lifestyles and pushing the boundaries of skateboard tech to places that even make some uncomfortable. This has raised the bar and caused many more close finishes. Especially after the Top Speed race [read my report here],  next season is sure to have some weird skateboards and strong competitors on the circuit. If you’re reading forums, there’s a speed suit cold war beginning as riders debate the use of speed suits to improve their race times and competitiveness while still complying with current IDF rules.

Check the IDF Website for official results and points positions.