10 Reasons To Ride Cadillac Wheels New White Walls

Cadillac Wheels have dropped the new White Walls and are giving you 10 reason t try them out, including how to win a set now!


These old-school 59’s will stay smooth down to the candy painted hub. The White Walls can turn any deck into a rock spiting, curb hopping piece of retro revival. So don’t settle for the factory option, upgrade your cruiser with White Walls.


Diameter: 59mm
Duro: 78a
Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Black

More details and where to buy here.

Want to win a set!? The contest is specifically tied to sharing this Facebook version of the video [ https://www.facebook.com/CadillacSkateWheels/videos/1216033038438461/ ] Click the link and share to enter!