Sho Ouellette ‘Sho Stopper’ Valhalla Promodel Available Now!

Sho Ouellette has been ripping all over the world for the past few years. Valhalla decided it was about time to turn this bro pro and give him his own Pro Model Deck!


Any good pro model needs a bangin video so Sho came to visit Alex Ameen down in Colombia for a gnarly tour of some of the sketchiest hills on the planet.


The Sho Stopper features a 9 ply maple construction with a formica top. This creates a lightweight but super stiff deck with razor sharp top rails. It has the exact same mold as our Master Blaster but the added formica adds a hint more concave.



Length (in): 38.5
Width (in): 10 (in the standing platform)
Varying Wheelbase (in): 25.75 – 27.75

Photo Griffin Gravel

Photo Griffin Gravel