Netwon’s Nation Is Back ON In Australia – February 2017!

One of the best races of the past and a top attraction for international rides to visit Australia is coming back! Newtons Nation at Mt Panorama, Bathurst, Australia is set for February 17, 2017.


Pic Jacob Lambert

Today on Facebook, Australian Mitch Thompson announced that the event is back on:

Just came out of the council meeting. We got full approval! IT’S BACK BABY!!! Massive thanks to Warren Aubin for all his help pushing this event through council and ultimately getting us here, legend!

See all of you there on the 17th of February. Book your tickets now!

Newton’s Nation isn’t long at 0.8 miles long, and doesnt have but one real turn, but it’s burly, steep and fast with a top speed reported around 65mph.


Skate[Slate] has an old video on or vimeo with Kevin Reimer on Aera K1’s talking with Dan Pape about Newton’s:

Easily one of the most recognizable videos from past Newtons is a heat with Matt K, Adam Yates, Alexander Horthe and Kyle Martin and . Bricin Striker Lyons is announcing and Matt proves as he has, cast is fast, as he hauls.

Round 2, Heat 5 (Kienzle, Yates, Martin, Hay)

The full live feed from the Sunday of racing at the 2013 event is here along with some other goodies, like these crash reels:

Then there’s always this throwback to Newton’s Playground IGSA World Chamionships 2009 DH Skateboard Rnd 2 heats 17-21 posted by David Price: [Watch for David in Heat 20, around 7:00min in!]

Heat 17 (Siegrist, Weisfeld, Ozan, Hay)
Heat 18 (Yates, Hepple, Sunde, Daddow)
Heat 19 (Reimer, Asheim, Budro, Pearson)
Heat 20 (Price, Lundmark, McWhinnie, Pearson)
Heat 21 (Smith, Leeson, Johnston, Labarthe)
Announcer – Striker
Cameras – Start – Hop, Dipper – Braden, Esses – Chris, Elbow – Luke Whitmore, Conrod – Scott Hopkin
Video mix – Robbo

All I know is I couldn’t be more stoked for another top level race to get announced and to have Newton’s nation back is just great. Stoked for Australia and racing!