Alternative Longboards | KNK Camp 2016 | Big Mountain Skate

We are coming closer to an end of longboarding season. Days are getting shorter, temperature is dropping and wheater forces us to stay in home instead of shredding from dusk till down. According to that it’s a good moment to look back on what we’ve done this summer. We manage to spend our summer time with BIG MOUNTAIN SKATE and their super dope events. Thanks to this we were able to ride on gnarly tracks and share our fun with wonderful longboard community. Personally, my favourite event from whole BMS tour is KnK Bear Guts. What makes it so good? 4 kilometers of buttery smooth asphalt, 18 technical hairpins, river close to the campsite and one of a kind atmosphere is a thing that makes me go back to Slovenia each year. We prepared coverage from two of the BMS events and an interview with Mihael – head orginiser of this wicked skate events. Sit back, open a can of chilled beer and enjoy!