Kebbek Skateboards: Ben Dub Promodel Feature

Ben Dub lives in the bush and needs his skateboard for more than just skateboarding. So we made him a deck to accommodates his lifestyle of digging for treasure, cutting down trees and body surfing.

Edit- Samuel Blais & Benjamin Dubreuil


Ben Dub Top Mount 38

Go fast, find lines, hop a sewer, cut alleys and do it every day. Ben’s lifestyle is one that has no boundaries so we had to make him a board without any. Are you tired of packing your car with too many decks for a trip? Do you just want to bring one that can do everything? Make more room for beer in your trunk by only needing to bring one deck. Get the ben dub to skate everything.
Available in two graphics: The Bio-Suit Series and The Outdoors Series



Graphics-Available in Bio-suit and Outdoor Series

Length: 38 inches

Width: 9.75 inches

Wheelbase: 23.8 to 27 inches



Rocker .5 Inch

Micro drop

9 ply

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