DB’s Longboarding 101 Video Series Feat. Spencer Smith

DB Longboards and Spencer Smith have teamed up to bring you Longboarding 101 and the basics of selecting, and getting on a longboard. Check it out!

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DB’s Longboarding 101 – Longboard components, tips, and tricks


Learn the basics of longboarding in the first episode of our tutorial series. Learn how to identify and understand the different components of a longboard. Spencer smith walks you through longboard deck styles, trucks mounting, hardware, bearings, grip tape and more.

DB’s Longboarding 101 – Adjusting your trucks, wheels, and bearings


Spencer smith walks you through how to adjust your longboard trucks, wheels, bearings and more. Learn the best tips and tricks to progress your longboarding by fine tuning your setup. This tutorial includes how to change wheels, how to tighten trucks, how to remove trucks, how to remove and how to insert and remove bearings.

DB’s Longboarding 101 – How to Push and Carve on a Longboard


In this episode we walk you through the basics of how to ride a longboard. Spencer Smith explains how to determine your stance, position your feet, pushing best practices, and the basics of carving on your longboard.

DB’s Longboarding 101 – How to Stop; Foot Breaking, Advanced Carving, Coleman Slide


Learning to stop is one of the most important skills any longboarder can add to their quiver. In this tutorial we show you how to slow down, and stop by foot breaking, carving, and sliding.

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