x Bustin Boards: ROAD RAGER III (Event Recap)

Road Rager III, a downhill event in a world gone out of control. Where every steep decent is riddled with oncoming minivans crammed full of yapping cockerdoodles, and every bend in the road brings you face-to-face with a new kind of terror!!! ROAD RAGER III.

When it’s every skater for himself, and there’s no place left to shred—when all that’s left is ONE LAST community session. . . ROAD RAGER III.

Ha ha ha! Anyway, we had a great time a few weeks ago with the homies and the local downhill skaters of San Diego a at Road Rager III, which was the first of a series of three community events welcoming all skaters, all ages, all skill levels and presented by both & Bustin Boards

Our next event in this series is The Hilltop Haunting. This Saturday in San Clemente. Here’s the event page:…

Film & Edit: David Ruano
Music: “No Fly List” by Obits