Omen Longboards – Spawn Overview

The Spawn is a long time staple of the Omen Lineup for its feature packed layout as well as Technical Topmount Tendencies. Starting at the Nose of the deck, the Spawn has a bubble drop to give your front foot a versatile pocket to wedge into, while pairing up perfectly with the Radial Concave to give your front foot the most amount of contact with the deck. As we move to the tail the T-Bar Concave becomes the highlight for anyone looking to perform technical drifts with ease without worrying about foot slip or movement. The T-Bar Concave provides a ‘W’ Concave that merges with the Rear Drop in order to provide your toeside foot placement contact on three sides helping you control the angle of drift without needing to adjust your foot. This deck is intended for riders looking to have a board that requires very little foot adjustments who are looking to drift through tight hairpins, or grip through chicanes with ease. There is no doubt that the Spawn is a downhill Monster.


Length: 36.5″
Width: 9.675″
Wheelbase: 26.5-27.25″
Front Concave: Bubble Drop + Radial
Rear Concave: T-Bar Concave + MicroDrop

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