Harfang x Abec 11 Wheels: Brandon Desjarlais On Fire!

Brandon DesJarlais joins Harfang Wheels and sparks Abec 11 Wheels with a lit collaboration!


Harfang founder Yann Lhermitte has been pushing the current boundaries of design and manufacturing (modification) with otherwise ‘common’ wheels you can get anywhere on the market. By using his machining process he has been adapting the existing trend of grooving wheels for the wet and put specific tread patterns with ver fine CNC cuts to help add traction and control and prevent hydroplaning. Earlier this year, he dropped the Roman Candle wheel which sparks as you slide. An otherwise egregious addition to functioning wheel, but who doesn’t love fire, so why the hell not!


While Harfang has their own line of wheels now, the foundation of Harfang is to support all skaters with the best possible solutions to their riding needs. Keeping true to its roots, Harfang modifies and refinishes wheels from a variety of brands, making them available in your favourite urethane, not just the Harfang Wheel itself. This open and collaborative idea helped bring Brandon Desjarlais to Harfang along with his existing relationship with Abec 11 Wheels, and now we have the Harfang x Abec 11 Roman Candle Wheels!!


From Brandon:

“I’ve loved the idea of wheel modifications for years and was so stoked when I saw Harfang pop up a couple years ago. Since then, they have continued progressing designs. These days, Yann Lhermitte and Harfang are doing more complex cuts than anyone out there and are constantly prototyping and putting new ideas to the test to offer not just performance, but a lot of fun. With the release of the new Roman Candle wheels I just knew I had to be apart of the movement. Sparking pucks is one thing, but sparking wheels? That shit is badass! I’m super stoked to be apart of the team for 2017. Can’t wait to see what we can develop next!”

From Yann:

“Brandon is so talented and I’m excited by his energy. The opportunity to collaborate with him and Abec 11 to bring some of our design and manufacturing to their great shapes and urethane is a lot of fun. I’m really just stoked for people to get to try new things and really enjoy what we’re doing with Harfang. Lots to come for 2017 and we’ll be sure to announce with you.”

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