Subsonic and Sk8 Stevens Featured On Local King 5 News: Downhill Skating in Washington State

Washington State has long been a quiet haven for downhill skateboarding and still remains bountiful, and mostly under the radar. Nevertheless, not everyone can flock to the mountains and those located in more urban centres can’t help but get noticed when they get together to skate. Fortunately, while they are getting noticed, local King 5 News has released a rather positive piece on how Downhill in Washington State is doing it right! With the help of brands like Subsonic Skateboards and local content producers Sk8 Stevens, skaters are doing their best to connect with the community, share the road and keep skating safe into the future. Check out the video.

ISSAQUAH, WASH. – In downhill longboarding, speed is the name of the game. Some riders reach speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour while trying to master the concept to stand on their longboard and skate down an open road.

The standup downhill longboarding is spreading widely in the last years and is becoming more and more popular.


Here in Washington, YouTube channels created by local skaters like SK8 Stevens are helping to promote the sport. Also, small independent companies like Subsonic Skateboards has become a legendary brand in the skate community by sponsoring local events and riders.

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