Landyachtz Longboards 2016 Dinghy

Landyachtz has been making the Dinghy for over 15 years! This year they also added a couple smaller versions to mix things up. 24″ and 26″. The Dinghy is perfect for grabbing groceries, pushing to the skatepark, or stuffing in your luggage for your next skate & explore trip!


Built for the everyday skater, the Dinghy is our go-to, easy to skate cruiser. We based this board off our original Dinghy design but added some modern features like soft top grip tape, sanded and pressed wheel wells and an updated concave. Choose from 11 graphic options to fit your own style.

28.5″ Length I 8″ Width I 14.6″ Wheelbase

100% Canadian Maple

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landyachtz dinghy, tugboat, dodger

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