AHMYO Wheels Drops Some New VIBEZ

New VIBEZ emerging from AHMYO Wheels this week! Peep the details and get some VIBEZ for your own good timez!


Grateful for the support and love from our AHMYO family. We have been blessed with an opportunity to create something new. And in honor of our first Lineup we worked hard to bring you a new and evolved member to our family .

After a long time testing out new shapes, formulas, and duros on too many different roads, pavements and locations. We finally encountered a proper wheel to succeed our first lineup – a true worthy offspring of our 2014 Earth Lineup (Seeds & Quartz).

With a bit of both Seeds & Quartz, this shape has emerged to help you in any kind of situation. From cruising the streets, to dancing trickery, to epic long standups or just chillin your local DH runs. These wheels are meant to keep you vibrating at the right frequency, enjoying them from the first to the last slide.




From the Seeds of our creation to the healing Quartz of Earth’s lineup. A 64mm 84a Vibe has emerged.

With a new formula on a smooth grounded surface, a rounded outer edge, and a small but sharp bevelled inner lip. Ethereal drifts and transcendental slides will pour from the frequencies of these higher VIBEZ.




The ancient Vedic Masters spoke of NADA BRAHMA, “the world is sound, the world is vibration”


Tana Rohrer photos by Gloria Gutierrez

Modern physics confirm that matter is made up of subatomic particles vibrating at a certain speed. Even our thoughts are emitted into the universe in the form of vibration with its higher or lower frequency, attracting equal vibrations.


Eduardo Cordero photos by Gloria Gutierrez

The different frequencies in which each object or being vibrates allows our brain to differentiate them. Yet the principle of vibration tells us that nothing is immobile, and in that constant movement, everything is connected.


Eduardo Cordero photos by Gloria Gutierrez




64mm tall


35mm contact patch


84a New Formula


Sideset or Slightly offset Core placement.


Pre-grounded surface


Get more details on the AHMYO VIBEZ here.


Eduardo Cordero photos by Gloria Gutierrez

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