Push Culture Team Featured in Pants Pants Revolution

Push Culture Apparel, and specifically their pants, have become rather iconic in Downhill Skateboarding as one of the first skater designed skate pants [and shorts] for DH. Continuing their revolution of skater-made clothing they’ve been building on their pst models working with some of the best rides out there. Back in the summer, they gathered the squad for a road trip to highlight it all and took Skate [Slate] photographer Max Dubler with them. Peep the video and be sure to get your hands on issue 32 for an exclusive behind the scenes.


From Push Culture:

All this buzz about revolution in the air but I’m focused on Crash Pants; Long Lasting, Good Looking, Road Rash Prevention for those who shred. Pants, Shorts and the PCA Pullover are available at PushCulture.com


Featuring: Ryka Mohammadian, Pat Welsh Byron Essert, Will Royce, Morgan Owens
Guests: Chet Bolstridge, Will Damschroeder, Zach Wolf
Film / Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh

Check out the article in the new Skate Slate Magazine about the trip by Max Dubler!