The Olympics Blow Out Whistler DH On A Luge

Running through the social feeds I came across a video on the official Olympics youtube channel. Thinking I was about to see an Olympian luge athlete down Whistler wasn’t all that exciting to me. I was even more bummed when I saw the luge was basically inline and not even the skate-rocket I anticipated like Roger Hickey ripping at Top Speed. What I didn’t expect was the next couple minutes blowing out the Whistler Olympic Sliding Centre DH road like a skater.


“Luge star Chris Mazdzer on an incredible one shot road trip” shows Luge Olympian Chris Mazdzer sending it down a dry sunny road beside the Whistler Olympic Sliding Centre many of us have visited for the Whistler Longboard Festival. It wasn’t exactly the ‘one-shot’ raw run they’re calling it, but definitely didn’t display any respect for the road or civilized road-sharing either for an Olympic production. If Uncle Lee saw any downhill skateboarder making this video he would have blown a gasket and likely tried to ban you from his race. Well, the Whistler DH is on hold anyways and this mans is on a luge for THE Olympics, so o5 fuck’em I guess!


Aside from dodging cars, heading into a pack of cyclists and mobbing through a construction site and under heavy equipment, the video was relatively meagre and felt staged. Whether it was a one run cut or not who knows. If Chris did in fact just giv’er and and land bolts in one run [staged or not], well, good for him. I have no idea what message the Olympic channel is trying to send, but along with bringing Skateboarding on board for 2020, it seems their aiming to rebrand as a little more extreme and drive interest in a bit of a younger crowd of thrill seekers vs performance athletes. Maybe that’s a good thing for Downhill Skateboarding? Though I don’t think promoting open road mashing with complete indifference to the public is what they’r really pushing, they did a good job of it! If they want a video of skaters nearly eating shit and hazing all the things with reckless abandon downhill, they should really just watch some Alex Ameen videos and sign us up!

Check out the Best of October here, for some real downhill debauchery. Sorry Mr. Mazdzer. I give this a Bronze. Call us if you wanna actually get lit and we’ll make it gold!

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