AHMYO Malibros // Fox & Rob // Perropro

DH skateboarding brings people together from every corner of the world. The love to go down hills is universal.


So we took advantage when we knew some of our favorite aliens in this world would coincide in CA. And arranged for an epic day of shredding and filming out in the hills of Malibu in search of a day of thrills, good times and epic mountain bombs. Marco Palafox​, Alberto Perropro​ and Robert Burns​ had an awesome day filming some rad runs down the mythic wonders this beautiful place has to offer. So we cooked a little edit to show you some of the epic clips they got during the #Malibros day tour.
Sit back and immerse yourself into some Downhill skateboarding!


Don’t forget to scope some of the #RAWruns at Skate[Slate]​ TV & #beAware for more to come from them!

-Filmed by Perropro
-Music by GrandmasterFlash -The Message

Rob rides for : Pantheon Longboards​ // SBDW Longboard Shop HK​ // AHMYO​ #Akasha
Fox rides for : Sacred Skates​ // Longboard Mexico Store​ // AHMYO #Akasha