Skater Dictator Disorder: When Being A Hater Goes Bad

After a cup of tee, I grab my skateboard and I turn on my moto scooter to head the skatepark.

Arrived at the skatepark and I tell there’s a couple of locals looking at me in a intimidate way. I smile to them, of course. “Hola. Un buen día eh?!”

I am pretty used to street boarding hate. Actually I just show up at the spots just to be like an annoying mosquito. “Life is too short for a longboard”, “Grab a regular skate dude!”, “So lame”, those comments worthy of a naughty boy makes me laugh and in another side it makes me be worried. Probably this is going to sound too pretentious itself, but I think its important to notice their attitude.

I don’t want to offend anyone (ha ha here comes the “but”) but, unproductive people, following the some trend, feeling super cool, and watching skate videos just to talk about them… Come on! Life has so many interesting things to make help you grow as a person, if you will let it. Everyone is free to find what he or she is interested in, of course. I am not saying you shouldn’t be passionate about something you feel connected to. But (another but!), taking skateboarding, taking anything, so seriously as to judge others by how they skate (how they live) and hate is definitely some of the least woke anyone can be. We should not judge people by how or if they skate like you or not. There are too many examples of how this attitude goes bad (is going bad) in this world.

Back to the story of my day. There’s couple of kids ridding some scooters at the park, as usual. One of the locals says, “Look at them, if I was younger I would kick their asses. I wish they’d die.” Really? An adult skate-rat saying that? Most of you reading this are laughing. What’s Axel on about? Sure there’s some hate, but it’s not the usual, or like anyone does anything, who cares. I am sorry, it does happen. While many of us might think it’s harmless, you can watch endless videos, even just on instagram, of skaters literally destroying kids on their scooter at the skatepark, and everybody is stoke about it. Everybody shares the anger. We have a big problem in our community if we promote this attitude. This kind of attitude is projected on us and we shouldn’t support it projected on anyone else.

Skateboarding is divergent, unique, it goes against the mainstream, and it’s also sometimes aggressive. But I think people misunderstand aggressive with violence or hate, and they are very difference. Promoting an attitude of hate, division, difference, in a world were extremism division is extremely dangerous. It’s time to evolve.

With that said that, I just want to encourage everyone to enjoy what you love. Love what you love. Love yourself. And love others and their differences. Celebrate that difference. Laugh. Love some more. That’s really the best we’ve got. Don’t take it to serious. In the end it just a toy and we all have fun. Don’t fall victim to the Skater Dictator Disorder! Be a lover not a hater.

The day ended up being grand and there was lots of fun to be had. Here are a couple of pics I took that day. Staring Fofo and Guille Salva, friends of mine, and open-minded skaters – good humans! Thanks to g (gravity) not all skaters are close-minded and we can explore the world in harmony. We definitely need more harmony!

copia-de-02030012  copia-de-02030012