Subsonic Skateboards Spirit 30 Slalom & Shadow 37

Subsonic Skateboards is back with another factory product announcement from their skater owned and operated factory out in Washington State.

The Spirit 30 Slalom & Shadow 37


Fresh for 2016-2017, the Spirit Slalom and the Shadow Single Kick are newly designed from the ground up.  Both feature a light-weight design with embedded fiberglass and radial-tri-plane concave in the platform.

Spirit 30 Slalom


The Spirit 30 is built for slalom with a micro-drop style rear kick for added leverage, and complete control when carving and cornering.

Along with the Shadow single kick, the Spirit Slalom has been designed from the ground up. Featuring radial-tri-plane, the increased leverage adds to the response needed at any speed, while giving you the solid base for long straights. Designed in stages over the better half of 3 years, the Spirit is built for slalom and downhill alike, with many wheelbase options to choose.

The standing platform of the Spirit is designed to sit flat, then transitions to a mirco-drop before the kick. This aids in the ability to flatfoot tuck, with added response from the leverage. The kick sits higher than most; when mounted correctly, it adds control to cornering and carving. It comes with an angled block necessary to mount the truck flat, or built to a specified degree.



Length: 30″
Width: 8 3/4″ to 8 1/2″
Concave: >1/2″ Radial Tri-plane
Wheelbase: 19″, 19 1/2″, 21 1/4″, 21 3/4″

Shadow 37


Subsonic’s first production single kick is our most versatile board – the Shadow 37 will take you from campus commuting to skateparks, freeride, downhill, anywhere!

Brand new in 2016, the Shadow aims to suit freeride with this versatile single kick to round off the lineup. Designed with style in mind, this board comes with our new embedded fiberglass, to both add strength, pop, and reduce weight. The length provides optimal clearance when commuting, but all the maneuverability needed for quick thinking.

New mold designs bring us this new idea on curves, redefining where tri-plane and radial meet. The concave sports a comfortable 5/8″ radial-tri-plane concave throughout the standing platform, allowing optimal curve and leverage. Micro drop stands out with a gentle 1/2″ of drop, while keeping the standing platform flat. The flairs bring the platform together, for added leverage and clearance. The kick also sports concave, keeping you more connected with the overall feel.



Length: 37″
Width: 9 1/2″
Micro Drop: 1/2″
Concave: 5/8″ Radial Tri-plane
Wheelbase: 25 1/2″, 26″, 27 1/4″, 27 3/4″, 28 1/2″
Front Mounting: 4* Wedged
Rear Mounting: Flat

The Spirit 30 Slalom and Shadow 37 can be purchased as custom boards or factory boards. Order yours today at!